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7th Grade Essential Standards

  • I can identify the states of matter and explain why they change from one state to another as well as how temperature affects particle motion and causes the state to change.

  • I can use measurement tools to determine the properties of matter such as mass, volume, density and temperature.

  • I can analyze and explain the evidence to determine if a physical change or a chemical reaction has occurred.

  • I can identify and explain the difference between an element, compound, or a mixture.

  • I can describe the structure of atoms, simple molecules, and extended structures and build models representing each structure.

  • I can explain how and why the Earth’s crust moves and provide evidence of fossils, rocks, and the shapes of the continents as proof.

  • I can describe how the processes of Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration work together to allow matter and energy to flow in and out of living things.

  • I can explain how living things interact with each other and their environment throughout multiple ecosystems.

8th Grade Essential Standards

  • I can construct an argument supported by 2 pieces of evidence about how human consumption has affected Earth’s Systems.

  • I can make a claim given evidence about gravitational Interactions.

  • I can develop and use models to explain earth, moon, sun system phenomenon.

  • I can analyze and interpret data for patterns that support the claim “Life on Earth has adapted and changed”.

  • I can plan an investigation to gather evidence to support how an object's motion depends on forces being applied and the object's mass.

  • I can provide evidence that fields exist between objects even when they are not in contact.

  • I can develop and use a model to describe that waves are reflected, absorbed, or transmitted through various materials.
  • I can develop a model to generate data for interative testing and modification of a proposed object.

Mr. Reeves

Science 7, Life Skills 8

Hi Everyone! My name is Mr. Reeves and I’m a Science teacher at Mesa Middle School. I teach 7th grade Science and the 8th grade Life Skills elective class. I’ve been teaching at Mesa for 22 years and I look forward to teaching my future students this school year.

Mrs. Heinrich

Science 7

Hi, I’m Mrs. Heinrich and I’ll be your Seventh Grade Science Teacher this year. We’ll have an exciting time learning about “Matter & Chemistry”, “How the Earth Moves”, “How Plants Make and Use Energy” as well as “How Humans Effect our World’s Natural Ecosystems”. I love to laugh and have fun along with the learning. I’ll need help from all of you to to spice it up and send me cool connections, GIFs and whatever you find interesting. Just surprise me!

Mrs. Personius

Science 8, ASB

Hello! My name is Mrs. Personius, 8th grade science teacher. Welcome to your favorite class! Some things to know about me:
  • I love surfing, hiking, puppies, and peanut butter.
  • I graduated from Cal Poly SLO with a Biology degree.
  • Just like you, I am anxious and excited about this upcoming school year - we will figure it out and do great things together!

Ms. Mosley

Science 8, AVID

Welcome Future Scientists! My name is Ms. Mosley, but most students call me Ms. Mo. I am so excited to be able to spend a year with you investigating the world around us. I hope that during this time you become a better critical thinker, data analyst, observer, and communicator. Although I know we are in strange times, I hope to empower you to think about science outside the classroom. The more you know, the more wise and informed decisions you can make in life. So, get ready for a year like no other!
7th Sci Syllabus 20-21
Mosley/Stauch Syllabus 2021
Mr. Reeves 7th Grade Science Syllabus 22-23yr.pdf
Syllabus 2022/23