2023-24 Results

Track & Field Results

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Boys Wrestling (4-1)

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Girls Wrestling (5-0)

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8th Boys Volleyball (2-8)

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7th Boys Volleyball (2-6)

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Boys Soccer (2-6-3)

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Girls Soccer (4-5-2)

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8th Girls Basketball (9-10)

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7th Girls Basketball (4-14)

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8th Boys Basketball (9-7)

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7th Boys Basketball (3-15)

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Boys & Girls Cross Country

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8th Girls Volleyball (10-2)

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7th Girls Volleyball (2-10)

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23/24 Spotlight Athletes

2024 - Boys & Girls Wrestling

The Team

Can you say BACK 2 BACK?  That's what the wrestling team did by winning both the boys and girls championship two years in a row. This is the first time since the inception of the central coast wrestling league in 2017 that one team has brought home both titles two years consecutive.  The Mesa girls have actually never tasted defeat and have brought home the title every year (7 years in a row).  The boys have won the title 5 of the 7 years.  "It was a collective team effort and this is a very special group in my heart" says Coach Dansby.   

2024 - 8th Boys Volleyball

Ford Perrett

Ford stepped into a leadership role on the team this year, and did tremendously. He has led this team with his effort and attitude both on and off the court. It has been a great experience watching Ford grow from last year to this year in his volleyball abilities and attitude toward the sport. I am truly grateful for the hard work that Ford has put in, and am proud of the support and dedication he has shown to the team. 

2024 - 7th Boys Volleyball

Derek Theimann

Derek Theimann is the 7th grades boys volleyball spotlight athlete.  He led the team with not only his play but his actions.  He took what the coaches said and applied it to the game which is a unique quality for middle school athletes.   You would never see Derek bringing a teammate down, but rather lifting their spirit with a "high five" or "get em next time" attitude.  Keep working hard De

2024 - Girls Soccer

Alaina Olivera

Alaina is the definition of hard work. Whether she is in the classroom or on the field, Alaina gives it her all. Alaina is quiet but fierce. In a game, she never stops. She will run down every ball, shoot with her deadly left foot from angles that no one should score from, and most importantly, supports her teammates. Alaina is leading the team with 6 goals and several assists. I feel lucky to have had the chance to coach Alaina. She is truly RRAD, and I am proud of the success she has brought to our team. 

2024 - Boys Soccer

Carlos Lopez

Carlos is what I'd call a soccer adept. He carries a great understanding of the game and always finds a way to be in the right place, right time. He tallied a handful of goals throughout the short season but one stood out. Against Laguna, Carlos struck a beauty from outside the box, the ball hit the crossbar, went down and in, but the refs didn't call it a goal. Afterwards, the team was upset, but Carlos seemed to have no reaction. He just kept his head up, continued to play hard for the rest of the game, and didn't even complain about the refs missing the goal. He just said that he'd get the next one. This is a testament to Carlos as a player and a person. He is a hard worker and someone who I feel so fortunate to have coached this year. I am so proud of his dedication to this team.  
-Coach Hardy

2024 - 8th Girls Basketball

Sierra Hebert

Sierra "Cereal" Hebert has been selected as our spotlight athlete representing the 8th Grade Mesa Hawks Girls Basketball team for the 2024 season.   Sierra earned this honor as she earned respect on and off the court from her teammates, as well as opposing teams. Sierra always plays with great skill, intensity, and a joy for the game that is infectious.  Sierra was our first look as a point guard, and was often tasked with defending opposing teams' ball handlers.  Her defensive instincts led her to gain my steals and force turnovers.  Meanwhile, she continued to develop and capitalize on her speed and aggressiveness with points and passes on the other end.  She is a difficult guard for most players her age and would certainly be on opposing teams' radars. Sierra always showed dedication and hard work throughout the season.  You can always count on her to work hard at practice, and she took advantage of open gyms and opportunities to improve.  She is very coachable, which is important for any player.  Whether it was input from a coach, teammate, or referee, she showed a willingness to constantly learn and get better.  She never loses because she will Win or Learn.Sierra radiates her positive energy to those around her, and would always be first the first girl picked when we were choosing teams at practice.  She is a great friend to not only her teammates but to many at school. She plays the game and lives life with a cheerful heart. In light of her great leadership and beaming energy, she must start her mornings off with a huge bowl of Captain's Crunch.  Whatever it is, Sierra "Cereal" Hebert has rightfully earned the honor of this season's Spotlight Athlete.       - Coach Lindgren

2024 - 7th Girls Basketball

Julianna Zarate

Juliana Zarate has stood out this year as a great teammate, student-athlete, and leader for the Mesa Hawks. Throughout the season, she has improved her basketball skills immensely and always displays a hard-working attitude. Leaders like Juliana can be hard to come by. She is not the loudest on the floor, nor does she direct people what to do in practice or games. To the contrary, Juliana leads with her actions: by setting an example for teamwork and citizenship on the court. She is the embodiment of the phrase "lead from the front." By constantly demonstrating those attributes and by always fighting her hardest, Juliana impressed me greatly. Her attitude is nothing less than exemperarily respectful and encouragingly positive. Even when she felt she made a mistake in a game, she was able to bounce back, because she knew how much the team needed her to play her heart out. In these ways, Juliana was a standout player and an excellent addition to the Mesa basketball team. Her hard work, dedication, and leadership provided the vitality any team needs for success.  
-Coach Hardy

2023 - 7th Boys Basketball

Lane Leffew

Lane Leffew has been selected as our Spotlight Athlete representing the 7th Grade Mesa Boys Basketball team for the 2023 season.  Lane showed a great level of dedication improving his skills and our team as a whole.  He was a player who could be counted on both on and off the court, like many of his teammates.  He showed responsibility and respect with his communication and commitment to our team.One of Lane's best skills on the court was his speed.  He was great at controlling the ball at higher tempo, as well as on the defensive end.  His steals often led to fast-break opportunities for our team.  We weren't the winningest 7th grade team in school history, but we had a great group of players that improved all season long.  Lane was a good example of this, and I would describe him as being focused and coachable, which are important attributes for any Coach and Team.  He never complained and was always giving his best effort.  He demonstrated the concept of "Winning or Learning" because even when we didn't walk away from the game with a Win, he took it as an opportunity to learn and improve.  He played great in our final game, an Overtime victory over St. Pat's at home.  It was a great way to end the season, and Lane should be proud of his efforts, which have earned him Spotlight Athlete honors. 
-Coach Lindgren  

2023 - 8th Girls Volleyball

      Tasi Maumausolo Matagi 

This 8th grade team was incredibly special, and it was a joy coaching them. It was difficult choosing just one spotlight athlete, as many of the players are deserving of recognition. Their captain, Tasi Maumausolo Matagi personifies all of their best attributes. She is hard-working, dedicated, competitive and always is looking to get better. Tasi is a leader both on and off the court, and is one of the most thoughtful and kind people you will meet. On the court, she pushes her teammates to compete for every point, and leads by example by communicating and chasing down every ball. Off the court, she is always helping to set-up and take down the nets and asking if we need any other help. She is always making friends with everyone in the gym, and representing Mesa well! One of my favorite highlights of the year was when Tasi served 20 straight points to lead Mesa to a 21-0 victory over Orcutt Middle School. She is driven to be the best at everything she does, and I am looking forward to watching her be successful in the future!  

2023 - 7th Girls Volleyball

Jaiden Lewis

It's always inspiring to have a standout athlete on a team, especially someone who excels in their sport and demonstrates strong leadership skills. Leaders like Jaiden can be a significant asset to their team, as they often motivate and guide their teammates to perform at their best. It's essential to recognize and celebrate athletes like Jaiden who contribute not only through their skills but also through their leadership qualities. They can be a source of inspiration for the entire team and help foster a positive and productive sports environment. She has been a vital team player as her skills and talent in volleyball are foundational aspects of being a successful athlete. It's evident that Jaiden embodies these characteristics. Her dedication to the sport and her team is commendable. 

2023 - Girls Cross Country

Hannah Kephart

Hannah joined cross country this year as a 7th grader with an eagerness to improve her endurance and be a contributing team member. She accomplished both those things and more! Hannah was a top finisher in three races this season including the SLO County Championships! She gave 100% at every practice and consistently challenged herself to beat her personal bests at every race. Aside from her great improvement over the season, Hannah was a great spark of energy on our team. She came to every practice and race with a smile on her face and encouragement for her teammates and friends. We have been so lucky to have her as a 7th grader and we can't wait for her to be one of our team leaders next year! Your coaches are so proud of you, Hannah! 

2023 - Boys Cross Country

Oliver De La Vega

Oliver was the beating heart of our Cross Country team this year. He was the go-to athlete when it came to helping motivate other runners on the team. He modeled what hard work, discipline, and teamwork looked like. Oliver was a top runner in all of the races and he gave 100% at every practice.He had perfect attendance and raced in every race this season. Besides that, he remained a good sport in every situation and brought both the boys and girls athletes together into one unified team. Great season Oliver,  your coaches are very proud of you! 

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