Mesa Athletics

2021 -22 Results

8th Girls Volleyball (2-10)

  • vs St. Pats (L: 25-17/ 23-25/ 10-15)

  • vs Laguna (L: 18-25/ 13-25)

  • vs Paulding (L: 13-25/ 17-25)

  • vs Judkins (L: 11-25/ 19-25)

  • vs Mission ( L: 11-25/ 25-21/ 10-15)

  • vs Atascadero (W: 25-13, 15-25, 15-13)

  • vs Flamson (L: 22-25, 19-25)

  • vs St. Pats (L: 14-25, 20-25)

  • vs Mission ( L: 13-25, 18-25)

  • vs Laguna (L: 4-25, 18-25)

  • vs Paulding (W: 26-24, 25-15)

  • vs Judkins (L: 10-25, 17-25)

  • South County Championships (Top 6)

Season Over

7th Girls Volleyball (7-5)

  • vs St. Pats (L:8-25/ 18-25)

  • vs Laguna (L: 17-25/ 19-25)

  • vs Paulding (L: 16-25/ 19-25)

  • vs Judkins (L: 25-23/ 23-25/ 8-15)

  • vs Mission ( W: 25-23/ 27-25)

  • vs Atascadero (W: 25-13, 25-16)

  • vs Flamson (W: 25-17, 25-18)

  • vs St. Pats (W: 25-23, 25-20)

  • vs Mission (W: 25-18, 25-13)

  • vs Laguna (L: 13-25, 8-25)

  • vs Paulding (W: 23-25, 25-13, 15-3)

  • vs Judkins (W: 19-25, 25-23, 15-11)

  • South County Championships (Top 4)

Season Over

Boys & Girls Cross Country

  • Judkins Mountain Goat (Mesa Did Not Place)

  • Paulding Invitational (7th Boys -6th, 8th boys - 3rd)

  • Mesa Challenge (Mesa Did Not Place)

  • Laguna Invitational (5th Place Team Finish)

Season Over

8th Boys Basketball (10-11)

  • St. Pats (W: 57-21)

  • Mission (L: 17-36)

  • Laguna (L: 28-38)

  • Judkins Invitational (3rd Place)

  • Judkins (W: 30-27)

  • Los Osos (W: 35-19)

  • Paulding (L: 32-36)

  • Flamson (W: 47-36)

  • Templeton (L: 28-37)

  • Judkins (L: 18-36)

  • St. Pats (W: 51-20)

  • Mission (W: 37-32)

  • Laguna (L:38-39)

  • Paulding (L:24-25)

  • Laguna Tournament Championship (4th place 1-2)

Season Over

7th Boys Basketball (16-2)

  • St. Pats (W: 39-27)

  • Mission (W: 56-15)

  • Laguna (L: 44-46)

  • St. Pats Invitational (2nd Place)

  • Judkins (W: 31-22)

  • Los Osos (W: 43-21)

  • Paulding (W: 29-15)

  • Flamson (W: 37-19)

  • Templeton (W: 35-24)

  • Judkins (W: 44-36)

  • St. Pats (W: 34-33)

  • Mission (W: 40-35)

  • Laguna (W: 39-25)

  • Paulding (W: 38-23)

  • South County Championships - (2-0) Tournament Champions!!!

Season Over

8th Girls Basketball (10-11)

  • St. Pats (W: 35-22)

  • Mission (Cancelled)

  • Laguna (L: 22-32)

  • Home Motors Invitational (3rd place)

  • Paulding (L: 15-59)

  • Judkins (W: 32-25)

  • Mesa Tournament (4th place)

  • Judkins (L: 21-23)

  • Flamson (W: 17-16)

  • St. Pats (L: 29-31)

  • Mission (W: 29-22)

  • Laguna (L: 34-37 double o.t)

  • Paulding (L: 13-56)

  • Laguna Tournament Championships (4th place)

Season Over

7th Girls Basketball (5-11)

  • St. Pats (W: 15-12)

  • Mission (Cancelled)

  • Laguna (L: 6-16)

  • Paulding (L: 6-40)

  • Judkins (L: 4-12)

  • St. Pats Tournament (DNP)

  • Judkins (W: 21-7)

  • Flamson (W: 18-2)

  • St. Pats (L: 8-12)

  • Mission (L: 12-23)

  • Laguna (L: 8-15)

  • Paulding (L: 17-35)

  • South County Championships (3rd place)

Season Over

8th Boys Volleyball (2-6)

  • St. Pats (W: 25-23, 23-35, 15-8)

  • Laguna (L: 7=25, 17-25)

  • Paulding (L: 22-25, 15-25)

  • Judkins (L: 25-22, 25-27, 1-15)

  • Hawk Invitational (Top 6)

  • St. Pats (W: 25-15, 25-19)

  • Laguna (L: 13-25, 25-15, 9-15)

  • Paulding (L: 22-25, 25-21, 4-15)

  • Judkins (L: 15-25, 25-19, 6-15)

  • South County Championships (3rd Place)

Season Over

7th Boys Volleyball (1-5)

  • Laguna (L: 22-25, 23-25)

  • Paulding (W: 14-25, 25-21, 15-10)

  • Judkins (L: 14-25, 17-25)

  • Hawk Invitational (4th Place)

  • Laguna (L: 24-26, 15-25)

  • Paulding (L: 18-25, 15-25)

  • Judkins (L: 16-25, 25-22, 7-15)

  • South County Championships (4th place)

Season Over

Boys Soccer (4-7)

  • Judkins (L: 1-4)

  • Laguna (W: 3-1)

  • Paulding (L: 1-2)

  • Laguna Tournament (1-2)

  • Los Osos (L: 1-2)

  • Judkins (W: 4-3)

  • Laguna (L: 0-1)

  • Paulding (L: 0-3)

  • Laguna (W: 1-0)

Season Over

Girls Soccer (5-7)

  • Judkins (L: 0-3)

  • Laguna (W: 2-0)

  • Paulding (L: 0-1)

  • Laguna Tournament (2-2)

  • Los Osos (W: 1-0)

  • Judkins (L: 0-4)

  • Laguna (L: 0-7)

  • Paulding (L: 0-3)

  • Laguna (W: 4-0)

Season Over

Boys (2-1) & Girls (3-0) Wrestling

  • Paso Tournament (No Team Score Kept, 19 individual medalists)

  • Los Osos (unofficial scores: boys L: 39-48 girls W: 45-9)

  • Laguna (unofficial scores: boys W: 60-28, girls W: 43-12)

  • Atascadero (No Contest)

  • County Championships (Boys 4th, Girls 1st)

Season Over

Boys & Girls Track and Field

  • Rotary Meet (Kaz Ikeda Sportsmanship Award)

  • Paulding & St. Pats (L: Paulding, W: St. Pats)

  • Atascadero Meet (No Team Score Kept)

  • Judkins & Paulding (Waiting Results)

  • Middle School Championships (7th Girls 14th, 7th Boys 3rd, 8th Girls 6th, 8th Boys 3rd)

Spotlight Athletes

2021 - Cross Country

Paige Brackett- 7th Girls

Paige has always enjoyed running but this is her actual first year ever running on an organized team. She plans to also join the Mesa Track & Field Team in the Spring and hopes to one day do some type of running sport in college. Her favorite subject in school is math and she has 1 younger brother who plays football.

Casey Lemus - 7th Boys

This is Casey's first year ever running on a team. He decided to join the cross country team to build his stamina for soccer which is his favorite sport. He hopes to play soccer for nearby Cal Poly. In his spare time, he enjoys surfing and the subject he loves in school the most is science. Casey has one older sister who plays soccer at NHS.

Tea Kaizen - 8th Girls

This is Tea's first year of cross country. She says her favorite part of the sport is the competition. She also competes in soccer which she has done since she was four. An immediate goal she has for the future is to place top three in a race. A long-term goal she has is to attend Cal Poly. Tea has three siblings, two older and one younger. Her favorite subject is either science or physical education.

Regan Holland- 8th Boys

Regan has been running since he was 7 years old. He likes running because it helps him cope with things that come up in just ordinary daily life. He also plays basketball (where he is team captain), track, and dives. His goal in all sports is to just make sure he completes the season. But an immediate goal for him is to place in the top 5 at the Laguna Championships. Regan has 5 older siblings who all have played or currently play sports at NHS. His favorite subject is Physical Education (loves the sunlight) and he hopes to someday attend Cal Poly and be a firefighter.

2021 - Girls Volleyball

Adelana Rodriguez- 8th Grade

This is the first year Adelana has played volleyball. She also loves to play soccer and track. But her favorite sport is softball which she has played since she was three. She hopes to one day play softball for UCLA and in the Olympics. Her hobbies include singing, baking, and learning guitar. She has one younger brother and sister. Her favorite subject in school is science.

Analiza Silva- 7th Grade

Analiza has played organized volleyball for 3 years. She has 3 sisters, two older and one younger. Her two older sisters who graduated from NHS played volleyball, soccer, and swimming for the Titans. Her younger sister also plays soccer. She says her favorite sport is volleyball and her best school subject is science. In her free time, she likes to swim and would love to play volleyball in college someday.

2021- Boys Basketball

Luke Saxon - 8th Grade

Luke has been playing basketball since he was in 2nd grade. Of all the sports he has played he says basketball is the most fun and he has always been good at it. Luke also still plays football and has one older sister and one younger brother. He enjoys hanging out with not only his friends but also his family. His favorite subject is History (Thank you, Coach Fastlaben) and he hopes to one day play Division 1 basketball. His dream college would be either Duke or Gonzaga.

Troy Simonson - 7th Grade

Troy has been playing basketball since he was in 1st grade. He also plays Football, which is his favorite sport, and Track. The reason he likes basketball is because it is fast-paced. Troy has four older sisters (poor guy) and in his spare time loves playing video games. His favorite subject is Physical Education and his favorite food is cereal (he says he eats it every day). He wants to play Division 1 football in college and his dream school would be USC.

2022 - Girls Basketball

Ellie Horton & Mariah Valdivia - 7th Grade

Ellie and Mariah have been selected as co-spotlight athletes for girls basketball. Both have played basketball for about 2 years and are avid soccer and softball players. Ellie has 2 brothers and 1 little sister. Her favorite subject is Physical Education and she hopes to someday graduate from a good college. She loves basketball because of its speed and aggressiveness. Mariah has 1 little brother and her favorite subject is also Physical Education. She hopes to one day attend Cal Poly, SLO. She says she loves basketball because it is very active and not stagnant.

Madison Long - 8th grade

Madison has been playing basketball since she was in Kindergarten. She enjoys the game purely because it is fun and she has been growing up playing the sport for so long. She has one older sister in college (Hunter) who is a Sophomore. Maddie also plays Volleyball and Track. Her goals are to attain Honor Roll throughout her education, play at least one Varsity sport in High School, and one day attend Cal Poly, SLO. She aspires to be a business major and an entrepreneur.

2022 - Boys Volleyball

8th Grade - Entire Team

This entire 8th-grade boys team deserves the spotlight. They finished strong at the end of the year, by placing 3rd at the County Championships despite having 3 different coaches throughout the short season. Setters Brian Heap and Noah Krebs set up the strong attack force from Evan Doll, Regan Holland, Isaac Borges, and Adrian Cardenas. Great defensive play led by Jared Aguilera, Tyler Koresburg, Bodie Leonard, and Caden Millhollen.

7th - Grade - Chase Spicer

Chase has been playing volleyball since he was 6 years old. He also has dabbled in some basketball, baseball, and soccer. He still enjoys shooting hoops from time to time along with his video games. His favorite subject is math, and he has one older and one younger sister. His goal is to one day attend Pepperdine University and be a scholarshiped athlete in Volleyball.

7th -Grade- Will Hidinger

Will has been playing volleyball for 4 years. He also plays basketball and baseball. His favorite subject is Physical Education and he has 4 siblings. He is not sure about college yet, but he aspires to get better and better at whatever he does. In volleyball right now he wants to be a better hitter. In his free time, he does enjoy playing video games.

2022 - Girls Soccer

Khymora Edralin-Cody

Khymora has been playing soccer for about 5 years. She also plays volleyball and really enjoys surfing. She has 3 younger siblings and her favorite subject is Science. The reason she says she likes soccer so much is that gets to be with her friends and work with them to achieve a common goal.

2022 - Boys Soccer

Chase Myers

Chase has been playing soccer since he was 3 or 4 years old. He also loves playing baseball. His favorite subject is History. He is not quite sure why he likes soccer so much, but he does like playing the sport with his friends. Chase has 1 older sister and 1 younger brother. He hopes to play in college one day and in his free time enjoys fishing.

Roman Cortez

Roman has been playing soccer since he was 3 years old. He also enjoys playing basketball and football for fun. He has 2 older sisters that attend NHS and his favorite subject is Social Studies. In his spare time, he likes listening to music and going to new places. He is receptive to playing soccer in college and even would like to play professionally. His dream schools are Stanford or USC.

2022 - Wrestling

Maribel Mendoza

Maribel wrestled way back in 5th grade and decided to go back to it this year as an 8th-grader since we offer it here at Mesa. She has two older brothers who both wrestled for NHS. She likes wrestling because she can get her anger out (especially having two older brothers that bug). She also played soccer and basketball at Mesa. In her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball and listening to music. She hopes to one day get a college scholarship in soccer. Her favorite subject is science.

Adam Ortega

Adam plans on wrestling as long as he can. He has been wrestling since he was 4 years old and the reason he likes it so much is due to the fact that most of his family has also wrestled. He has one older brother and one older sister, in fact, his brother Johnny wrestled for Mesa. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his family and being in the shop with his father. Adam's favorite subject is Physical Education. He also plays football and baseball.

Team GPAs

2021 -8th Girls Volleyball Team 3.85 Team GPA

2021 -7th Girls Volleyball Team

3.69 Team GPA

2021 Cross Country Team

3.73 Team GPA

2021-8th Boys Basketball Team

3.67 Team GPA

2021-7th Boys Basketball Team 3.56 Team GPA

2022-8th Girls Basketball Team 3.44 Team GPA

2022-7th Girls Basketball Team 3.32 Team GPA

2022-8th Boys Volleyball Team 3.68 Team GPA

2022-7th Boys Volleyball Team 3.64 Team GPA

2022-Boys Soccer Team 3.39 Team GPA

2022-Girls Soccer Team 3.34 Team GPA

2022 - Wrestling Team

3.13 Team GPA

2022-Track and Field Team 3.61 Team GPA