Branch Physical Education

At Branch Elementary, I believe all students can be successful in physical education. The goal for my students is to instill a love for physical activity, gain knowledge of the human body, and create good overall health habits. As a physical educator, my intention is to provide a wide variety of activities which will encourage students to be “Fit for Life”.

Class Environment

-Create a positive atmosphere with verbal communication. Teacher, aides, and students will recognize and compliment good behavior. High fives will be encouraged.

-Students will be placed in roll call lines to promote successful behavior. Proximity of teacher and aides will encourage students to stay on task.

-An expectation and a demonstration will be stated before each activity.

In order to accomplish these goals, the elementary physical education teachers in Lucia Mar have set guidelines and expectations to help students be successful to meet the standards for Physical Education. Here is a list of our behavior expectations and a list of consequences for those who don’t meet them.

Elementary P.E. Grading Policy 1st - 6th

Rubric for Grades

4 Exceeds Expectations and Standards

-Engaged 100% of the time

-Exceeds performance expectations

-Demonstrates exemplary leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork skills

-Exhibits exceptional attitude, cooperation and collaboration with peers. 3 Constantly Demonstrates

- 100% effort

- Participates all of the time

- Excellent teamwork and cooperation

- Follows instructions the first time asked

2) In Progress

- Average effort, gives everything a try

- Participates most of the time

- Good teamwork and cooperation

- Reminders on instructions

1) Limited Progress

- Very limited effort

- Limited participation

- Teamwork or Cooperation needs to be worked on