Ms. Angela Sweigart

Photography &

Computer Graphics

Contact Information

Office Hours 10AM-11AM via email

215-938-0220, x2352

LMHS Computer Lab 103

Enrichment Activities 3/16-3/27

Please take a look at Google Classroom for enrichment activities related to Photography and Computer Graphics. The enrichment activities provide an opportunity to access and engage in independent art activities and it will not be counted as a grade. I truly hope you are all doing well and am looking forward to when we are back in the classroom. I am only an email away if you have any questions or just want to say hi. Stay safe and healthy - Ms. Sweigart 😊


Student Assignments & Grades

All my classes utilize Google Classroom and Google Sites for assignment information and due dates. Due dates and grades for course assignments are listed online in Home Access Center.


Activity: Art Club Sponsor