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Fill out your child's orchestra guideline form by September 13th.

6th Grade Guidelines & Forms

7th & 8th Grade Guidelines & Forms

Students DO NOT need their instruments for the first day of class. Make sure to have your instrument for the second day.

You can go to www.zeswitzmusic.com to rent your instrument or any reputable music store.

Things to Think About Before Buying An Instrument

  • Is your child in a full sized instrument? If not, you will need to buy another as they grow.
  • Are you able to return the instrument if your child does not like the sound or feel of it?
  • Is it from a reputable company OR is it made from quality materials? You pay for what you get with instruments.
  • Make sure to buy the "outfit" not just the "instrument". This way you get a case and bow at a better price.
  • Upgrade to a composite bow if possible. They are harder to break and do not warp as easily as a wooden bow.
  • Please do not buy colored instruments. The paint changes the sound of the instrument and they are usually note made from quality materials.

Chamber Strings Audition Materials And Recordings .

Auditions for Chamber Strings are due through google classroom (code k5fqw9x) no later than midnight on September 25th. These auditions are "blind" so I will not know who I am listening to when scoring them based on our playing rubric.