LLCSD 2020-2021 Parent's Guide to Virtual Learning

What is Virtual Learning?

Virtual learning is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. At the Little Lake City School District, virtual learning will occur via a variety of platforms including Google Classroom and Zoom. It may consist of small group virtual instruction, whole class virtual instruction, or the sharing of lessons and assignments digitally. Instruction will be aligned to academic standards and focused on key concepts, skills, and knowledge that students need to make growth, demonstrate grade level proficiency, and or mastery.

Virtual learning is new for our teachers and students. There might be some initial bumps, but distance learning and supports will improve over time. Please be patient and also remember that many teachers are parents themselves and everyone is balancing working and learning from home. While remote learning cannot fully replace students’ experiences in schools with their teachers, administrators, and support staff, this approach will ensure that our students are engaged in meaningful learning during this time.

What will instruction look like? What can parents and students expect?

LLCSD’s 2020-2021 Virtual Learning program will provide rigorous, meaningful and engaging instruction to students with a focus on essential grade-level standards. Students will have access to instruction Monday - Thursday as teachers provide lessons and instruction covering all content areas. Fridays will be open for teachers to interact with small groups of students if needed.

Students will have daily synchronous learning (live teaching and interaction with their teacher) Monday - Friday, as well as time built in for asynchronous learning (independent work on Google Classroom, Seesaw, packet, or other tech platform).

In addition, all teachers will hold office hours for one hour per day, Monday - Thursday, where they are readily available to answer your questions. You can use email, Class Dojo, or any other form of communication that your teacher has set up for parents.

When does Virtual Learning begin?

Distance Learning begins on the first day of school - August 21, 2020. Teachers have spent time attending Professional Development sessions and preparing for this new way of learning.

What is my child's schedule?

What about school meals?

What about grading?

Is attendance required?

  • Students will be graded on work submitted, participation, and assessments during distance learning

  • Report Cards will return to their previous status and will be issued with letter grades for 3rd - 8th grade and level (number) grades for TK - 2nd

  • Students will be assessed during Virtual Learning to determine mastery of skills and standards

  • Attendance is required and will be taken daily during Virtual Learning

  • State Assembly Bill 77 states that Districts must provide daily live interaction between students and certificated staff (teachers) and also identifies a minimum number of instructional minutes provided to students

What if my child needs social-emotional support during this time?

As the country and the world respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are all feeling a range of emotions – fear, anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. We understand how important it is to attend to the social and emotional needs that arise during stressful times like these.

Social-emotional learning offers us a way to explore and express our emotions, build relationships, and support each other – children and adults alike – during this challenging time. You can also reach out to our School Counseling Team for assistance.

District Student Support Counselor

Brandon Keim -

TK-8th School Counselors

Jessica Dahle - (Lake Center and Lakeside Middle Schools)

Karen Contreras-Guadron - (William Orr and Paddison Elementary)

Nancy Berber - (Studebaker and Lakeview Elementary)

Gabriela Delgado - (Jersey and Studebaker Elementary)

Martha Robles- (Cresson, Jersey, and Lakeland Elementary)

Middle School Counselors

Josie Hallum - Lakeside Middle School -

Hoda Tanious - Lake Center Middle School -

Tips for parents English.pdf

How can I help my child with the online platforms?

Our recordings of our Parent Technology Trainings can be found on Little Lake CSD's YouTube Channel at the following link:

The following links may be helpful to parents when navigating online platforms.

Google Classroom


How can I contact my child's school or the district office?

School office and District office hours are from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Please see the phone numbers listed below.

Cresson - 562-868-6620 Jersey - 562-948-3772

Lake Center - 562-868-4977 Lakeland - 562-868-8887

Lakeside - 562-868-9422 Lakeview - 562-868-8655

William Orr - 562-868-7988 Paddison - 562-868-7741

Studebaker - 562-868-7882 District - 562-868-8241

What if I need child care?

While LLCSD is not offering any child care at this time, please see the following resources for child care options in your area.

Childcare Resource and Referral Network

California Home Society for Children

MAOF Child Care Referrals

Parents should contact their child’s teacher via email for support in the following areas:

  • Google Classroom

  • Assignments

  • Username and Passwords

Parents should contact the district’s Technology Department for support in the following areas by submitting a Tech Support Form:

  • District issued Chromebook hardware issues