Secondary Science Curriculum

New Science Standards for Alaska

In June of 2019 the State of Alaska Published new Standards for k-12 Science Education. The new Alaska Science Standards are an adaptation of the Next Generation Science Standards.(NGSS) The major adaptations to the Alaska Standards have been in the clarification statement for each Performance Standard. The clarification statements reference how each standard can be applied to local context. Information about these standards can be found at:

LKSD Science Graduation Requirements

All students are required to pass Biology A and B*

In addition students must have 2 credits of science from the approved science courses.

  • Earth Science A&B (1.0)

  • Physical Science A&B (1.0)

  • Astronomy A & B (1.0)

  • Concepts of Chemistry A & B (1.0)

  • Concepts of Physics A & B (1.0)

  • Chemistry A&B (1.0) Approved for BRHS **

  • Physics A&B (1.0) Approved for BRHS **

  • Ecology (0.5)

  • Geology (0.5)

  • Forensic Science (APS, general elective only) (0.5)


Sites who wish to add courses to this list can submit a course proposal through the district curriculum committee. Sites are responsible for their own supplies and text for these additional classes. Any science courses not approved by this committee may be offered as general electives, but will not count towards the graduation requirement of 3 credits in science.

*AP Biology (offered at BRHS) may be substituted for the biology requirement

**Sites are responsible for their own supplies and text

Tools to support Science Education Organized Low Bandwidth to High Bandwidth

General Teaching Tools

Science Department Meeting 2019 Links

Note about LKSD Texts

These books represent the first editions of our Secondary Science LKSD science text. Books have been localized to address the unique educational needs of students of the Lower Kuskokwim school district using is an open source textbook platform that allows schools to customize text for their students. We began by using a copyright free science text published by the CK12 organization. We aligned the concepts to the LKSD curriculum maps and Next Generation Science Content. We also replaced many pictures, analogies and examples with materials collected in the Lower Kuskokwim region.

This is our humble attempt to provide LKSD students and teachers with a unique resource. We realize there may be errors, corrections and edits needed in the future. Please visit to submit corrections and feedback for future editions. The digital master of this book will be edited in an ongoing basis.

Teachers and students may access the digital version of this book at . All the materials have been cited and are copyright free. The book may be cloned and customized by individual teachers through the Flexbook system. There are also supplementary resources published through CK12. For more details please visit

Additional and revised copies of the book may be downloaded and printed. Color Art Printing in Anchorage, Alaska published the first edition of this book. Please contact the district office at LKSD if you have further questions.


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LKSD Science Curriculum

LKSD offers four years of science courses to every student district wide. These core classes are Biology, Earth Science, Physical Science, and a new Ecology/Geology combination. We also support Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Forensic Science electives.

The Secondary Science committee has spent a year collecting data on the needs at sites to support this curriculum. The number one need is to update our science lab equipment and ensure that all classes have materials to do hands-on science. Our second need is to update our curriculum maps and align the text books to the Next Generation Science Standards. These standards focus on more in-depth learning and include crosscutting skills such as writing and math. The content focuses on student exploration of science connected to things they experiment with and local phenomena. Our research led us to propose that we:

  • Update our curriculum maps in Rubicon using the Next Generation Science Standards. Removing duplications found with Jr. High and adding content that is currently missing.

  • Select science equipment and resources to purchase for all sites that support real lab experiences for all students. These are mainly non-consumable materials that do not need replacing each year.

  • Identify a quick ordering process for sites to re-order supplies that are consumable

  • Print a customized, localized Biology Text book using This is the class with the highest enrollment district wide. It is the text which needs updating the most.

  • Print a customized, localized Geology and Ecology Text book for print. These are our newest classes and currently have no text.

  • Continue using the Pearson Earth Science and Physical Science text books purchased in 2009, but offer an updated electronic option through Ck-12

  • Purchase supplemental science lab books that help teachers deliver quality inquiry science instruction.

  • Provide training and year long coaching to science teachers in delivering inquiry science lessons.

Professional Networking

As you continue your science teaching adventures at LKSD, be sure to check into our science subject Google Classrooms for science teachers. Share ideas, post a question, or browse through posted resources.

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