Livingston ISD Tech Integration

Pathways to Digital Excellence

Mission Statement: In this dynamic age of information, we are dedicated to promoting the use of technology as a tool for assisting staff and students in all educational applications and in learning how to utilize technology in more meaningful and efficient ways. We want to inspire students to realize their full potential and to prepare them to function successfully in a complex digital world.

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The Livingston ISD Technology Integration Department is dedicated to training teachers to utilize technology in their classroom and utilize current technology in their day-to-day teaching. Livingston ISD is blessed to have many pieces of technology from hardware to software and it is important that our teachers know how to incorporate this technology for our digital native learners.

Every teacher responds to a different form of training, and therefore it is our goal to offer a variety of training opportunities with the hope that we will be able to appeal to their needs. Realizing that one-on-one training is the most valuable form, we aim to incorporate as much individual learning opportunities as available through specialized classes and other formats.