Accountable Health Community

Decision Accelerator Participants

Mary Baluff

Photos only represent 63 of the nearly 100 participants over the course of the two days. Download a full list of attendees here.


This session will convene a network of key traditional and non-traditional stakeholders in community health to forge a Vision and path forward for improving the health of Greater Omaha and eliminating health disparities. A road map will be created and sequenced over an 18-month period, accompanied by a 90-day action plan for moving ahead as a new partnership/dedicated network. Douglas County will pilot the initial process with shared projects in pursuit of the Vision, serving as the jump-start for neighboring counties on a path to becoming Accountable Health Communities.


  1. A community health timeline containing notable achievements and glaring pain points/gaps over the last 10 years in improving the health of the community and eliminating health disparities in key areas
  2. Insights into advancing community health and eliminating health disparities based on projected scenarios of success and failure
  3. Shared understanding of the national key recommendations of best practices and the RWJF Culture of Health
  4. Shared appreciation of Accountable Health Communities, reflections on successful ventures, and key success factors in the context of Greater Omaha
  5. A 2020 Vision for community health and eliminating health disparities in Greater Omaha
  6. Identification of the work ahead to realize the Vision in 6 focal work streams
  7. A horizons planning model indicating milestones for each work stream in 6, 12 and 18-month intervals
  8. Declared participant commitment to one of the four RWJ Culture of Health Action Areas for refinement over the next 30 days
  9. A conference summary