Global History + Geography 9

THE COURSE: 9th Grade Global History and Geography is mandatory credit bearing course, which all students need to graduate high school in New York State. The focus of this course will be on World History prior to 1750.. In 10th grade students will take World History from 1750-Present and will have to pass a New York State Regents Exam based ONLY on 10th grade content.

FINAL EXAM: The course will culminate with a “local” (District made) Final Exam consisting of 30-50 Multiple Choice Questions, a Document-Based Question Essay and a Thematic Essay


Topics of Study

Unit 1: Historical Thinking - Analyzing sources

Unit 2: The First Civilizations - Ancient River Valleys: Ex. Mesopotamia, Nile

Unit 3: Classical Civilizations - Belief Systems Roman Empire, Classical Greece

Unit 4: Political Powers and Achievements - Islamic Golden Age + Commercial Revolution

Unit 5: Social and Cultural Growth/Conflict - Medieval Europe, Crusades, Black Death

Unit 6: Ottoman and Ming Pre 1600 - Suleiman the Magnificent, Zheng He

Unit 7: Transformation of Western Europe/Russia - Age of Absolutism: Peter the Great, Louis XIV

Unit 8: Africa and the America’s Pre 1600’s - Mansa Musa, +Aztecs/Incas

Unit 9: Interactions and Disruptions - Age of Exploration: Columbian Exchange

TEXTBOOKS: Each student will need their student ID to sign out a textbook that is to be kept at home to borrow for the year. We will have a class set, so that your textbook will not have to be brought back and forth. Any damages, or failure to return the textbook will result in a bill of face value of the textbook.


· Thick (2 inch) Binder specifically for Social Studies

· Dividers (2 Packs)

· Pocket Folder (Specifically for SS)

· Basic writing utensils (Pencil and Pen (BLUE or BLACK ink ONLY)


Bell Ringers – 10%

Homework: 10%

Classwork/Unit Packets– 20%


Tests/Quizes – 35%