Since the company's foundation over 175 years ago, at El Puerto de Liverpool we have been committed to leaving a positive impact in Mexico, creating value for all of our stakeholders through our operations.

The year 2020 has been marked by many changes for our customers and society. In an effort to understand the evolution of the context and the needs of our stakeholders, we conducted the 2018 materiality study update, and used the material issues identified as the basis for our sustainability strategy: La Huella de EPL, with a view towards 2023.


Through this exercise, we identified critical Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues from the perspective of our main stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, investors, authorities and media) and the company's strategic vision.

We conducted indirect consultations through surveys to directors representing one or several stakeholders, and direct consultations through interviews, as well as interviews with top executives, representing the strategic vision.

As a result, we obtained a dynamic materiality, which in addition to the material issues, also incorporates potentially relevant issues in the short term due to their importance for stakeholders or the business, and/or due to changes in the context, as happened for example with health as a result of COVID-19.



La Huella’s Strategy

Our Sustainability strategy is called: La Huella de El Puerto de Liverpool (El Puerto de Liverpool´s Footprint), which is made up of 6 development focuses and 1 governance focus, which are in turn divided into lines of action and initiatives. We consolidated the numerous actions that El Puerto was already carrying out in its various businesses under the same management through working sessions. The co-workers of the working sessions will follow up on the implementation of the action plans of each initiative and will measure the fulfillment of goals through a system of indicators. Finally, performance will be reported to the La Huella working session, led by our CEO, through a Key Indicators Dashboard. We will communicate these results to our different audiences, mainly through the investors' page, quarterly reports and the annual report.

In the following section, you will be able to explore our Sustainability Model: La Huella de El Puerto de Liverpool.

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Policies and reports

The following documents are part of our ESG self-regulation which outline the company's commitments to various sustainability issues:

Our ESG performance is reported on an annual basis in the report: 2021 Annual Report

ESG Annex to Annual Report 2020