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About gifted and talented

LISA Academy is committed to implementing a program that meets the unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs of gifted and talented students through the collaboration of students, educators, parents and community members and ensures opportunities for maximum growth and development for lifelong success.

Advanced Opportunities for Student Success

Check out the opportunities LISA Academy offers its students to succeed through Gifted and Talented enrichment, advanced classes, and special events.


Parents, school personnel, students, peers, and community members may refer a 3rd-12th grade student at any time. 2nd graders may be nominated in March- April. Nominations are sought from a wide variety of sources to ensure that all potentially gifted and talented students have an opportunity to be considered. We welcome referrals during staff training, classroom visits, professional collaboration, parent conferences, and home visits. We also share information in school newsletters and on social media. 

Students may be nominated using the 

2023-24 Gifted and Talented Referral Form


GT is a needs-based program. Data is collected on nominated students and recorded on a matrix (profile) so that we may consider possible placement in a GT identification committee meeting. Placement decisions are based on multiple criteria. We make an effort to eliminate bias of all kinds and to make decisions that are in the best interest of each child. Identification of gifted and talented students is an ongoing process that extends from school entry through twelfth grade. Students may be tested once each school year that they are referred.

LISA Academy Gifted and Talented Identification Process

Program Options

Once identified as Gifted and Talented, program options are specific to the student's grade level.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grades: Whole group enrichment

3rd-5th Grades: Resource Room (GT Pull-out)

6th-12th grades: Advanced classes, including Honors, Accelerated, Pre-AP, AP (Advanced Placement), and Concurrent Credit

All levels: Differentiated/individualized  instruction in academic classes

LISA ADADEMY Program Options

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