Linpic Software Systems Ltd is a software company specialising in controls for automated storage systems like paternoster and tray retrieval machines.



The SmartPik Range of software is our standalone software suite. These packages are capable of providing all the functionality you will need to control the contents of your carousel system. This suite is split into two parts. The first is industrial parts storage and the second is office filing systems.


The range of industrial packages include simple part location, cross referencing and full stock control.


The range of office packages have the option of simple document retrieval through to detailed online document viewing.


The PikLink range of software is used to link customers existing stock control systems into the carousel. The carousels are then controlled directly from information in the existing stock management systems. The idea of the PikLink range is to remove the need for duplication of data and eliminate the need for maintaining two databases. This removes any problems that may arise when trying to keep two systems in sync.

These products range from programming tools, to allow programmers to modify their own system and control carousels directly. All the way to list processing systems which process information received from a customer’s host system.