Promethean Board Support

Initial Promethean Board Training

If you didn't get a chance to take part in Promethean Board training prior to the quarantine, or if you want to review that training, then take a look at this video. 

Getting to Know the Promethean Board

This is the slide show used in the initial basic training in the winter/spring 2019-20.

Setting Up User Accounts on the Promethean Board

You may need to set up a User account on the Promethean Board, especially if you move from room to room throughout the day. Click HERE to download instructions on how to set up your User account, set a PIN, and connect your Google Drive to that account using "Cloud Connect."

Click HERE to view a video showing you how to do these tasks as well as how to change the user icon to another image. 

If you would like to download a PDF of the Getting Started Guide, created by the folks at Promethean, then click HERE.

If you would like to download a PDF of the handout that goes with the training slides used in the initial training in the winter/spring 2019/20 click HERE

Connectivity With Promethean Board

Check out this document that covers the following topics dealing with connectivity between your laptop and your Promethean Board. 

ScreenShare Options:

Wired Via Cables

Screen Mirroring

Screen Share App

Screen Share Chrome Extension

Apple Classroom

Direct-to-Promethean (no sharing)

Streaming Best Practices

Audio Control

Connecting DVD Player to Promethean Board


Promethean Contacts

Promethean Trainer: Ryan Thornton

 | Education Consultant | NYC

O: 770-241-1180 | M: 770-241-1180 

East Coast Representative: Katherine Mazzota

| Head of Regional Professional Development - North

M: 561.308.7159 

Learn Promethean 

The Learn Promethean site has several learning resources such as online courses (like those listed below, videos, and downloadable PDFs.