Original barn built in 1915

Darrin and Kristin Lee

The farm property has been in Kristin's family since 1905.  The barn was built in 1915 and was named Linden Grange. This was inspired by the Linden trees on the property and her great-grandfather felt that Grange honored his British heritage.  Kristin’s grandparents actively farmed until they retired and then the property was rented by a neighboring farmer for many years.

We both grew up in the Twin Cities area and raised two children but would regularly visit the farm to help Kristin’s elderly grandmother maintain the buildings and equipment.  Although we had rewarding careers with Kristin as a teacher and Darrin as an engineering manager our interest in nutrient dense food and desire to work more closely with nature grew. This developed into a dream of moving to the farm at some point and the opportunity came when Kristin’s grandmother needed full time care.  We quit our jobs in the city, moved to the farm to care for her, and began our farm business journey!

Many years before moving to the farm we had converted to grass fed meats and whole foods.   We have learned and experienced the health benefits of eating nutrient dense foods and using food as medicine.  We are committed to providing the most nutrient dense pastured meats and honey while caring for the animals and environment.

We currently have laying hens, bees, pigs, chickens, cattle, and sheep. What we do at Linden Grange impacts our health, animal welfare, our community, and the environment.  You can read more about this on the “Why We Do This?” page.

We are honored and blessed to be the next stewards of the land.  We invite you to come visit our farm!