november 12, 2021

This building is on the territory of the Pawtucket and Massa-adchu-es-et

    • Nov. 13 - World Kindness Day - info below
    • Nov. 17 - 2nd installment of the Lincoln METCO Parent Board's ‘Diversity and Dialogue Series.’ More information in Community News section below.
    • Nov. 18 - Speech & Debate Club begins after school -info below.
    • Nov. 20 - Pfizer Vaccine Clinic for children ages 5-11 from 10 to 3 in the Reed gym. Click here to register for an appointment. Additional clinics are being planned for first and second doses.
    • Nov. 25 & 26 - Thanksgiving/November Recess - No School
    • Nov. 28 - Chanukah begins at sundown
    • Nov. 30 - Picture Retake Day - If your student was absent for our Oct. 7 Picture Day, or you are unhappy with your results, you may register for our Retake Day by emailing mbelt@lincnet.org. A photographer from Coffee Pond will set up at Lincoln School 5-8. Start time is 8:30. You must return the unwanted packages of pictures beforehand if you are exchanging. We will NOT be taking another group shot of the eighth grade.
    • Link to Lincoln Public Schools calendar

Dr. Hobbs' Message

Dear Families -

Last week I had the opportunity to present our School Improvement Plan to the School Committee. We are focusing on two areas this year - sense of belonging and how we teach so that students understand the purpose of their learning.

Our goal is to include student voice in our culture as partners in creating the systems of being in community in a new space. Grade levels have chosen leaders and the leaders have given adults information about what is going well (grade levels are using hub spaces well, the lighting is better, routines are beginning to make sense) and what is hard (bathroom sign outs, lack of good outdoor play space, and lunch being shorter). We are beginning to work on our more permanent social contract as a group of students and adults. As the school year progresses, we will continue to seek student input and to adjust our systems and ways of being to more clearly suit the needs of our community.

In our teaching and learning goal, we are also looking for ways to include student voice. This comes in the form of knowing students well and watching them think like scientists; apply mathematics concepts; see that a person can be both peaceful and violent (as our 6th graders learned in reading a biography of Mohammad Ali); or find new ways to look at the first, second, and third drafts of the Declaration of Independence to create found poetry (highlighting certain words to create a new poem). I am proud of the work our students have done and how our teachers are shifting to meet them where they are in their learning.


Classroom News



United States of 5th Grade

The 5th grade state senators have been working hard passing laws that benefit all fifth graders. Our first law was created to define our library systems for the 5th grade hub library. Our second law was established to support our classmates through "giving hearts." In addition to our class government, though, our fifth grade "Red Knights" have been showing their "knightly ways" in both academic and social settings. Last week we recognized 8 students who have demonstrated knightly behavior in the last month (see photo). Every month, students will be recognized for this achievement.



Ask your sixth-grader about.....

*Rational numbers and absolute value of a number

*The vocabulary for items in a classroom and how to say whether or not certain items are in the classroom in French

*How to express likes and dislikes about different activities in Spanish

*Their Paleolithic to Neolithic times project and the upcoming Social Studies test

*Their seed idea topic choice for the memoir -- Why did they choose that one? How will they illustrate the theme of hero/villain and peace/violence through that topic?

*Acceleration and speed

Check out the photo or our Lost and Found. Do any of these items belong to you?? If your sixth grader is missing their favorite water bottle or sweatshirt, remind them to check the Lost and Found located in the sixth-grade hub.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image



Winter is Coming!

Your children love to have a break outside in the morning. It is typically at 10:52 and lasts for 10 minutes. They can eat their snack, have a "mask break," and congregate with friends in the open air. We would like to continue this practice through the winter, as otherwise we go from 8 am to 12:37, when we have lunch, with no real mask break or fresh air.

So, we are requesting that students arrive with appropriate shoes/ boots, scarves, hats, gloves/mittens, coats, raincoats, etc. as the weather becomes colder and colder. They may also keep extra clothing in their lockers. We thank you in advance!

Sports News

mIDDLE SCHOOL Hockey feedER teams for LSRHS


The Lincoln Sudbury Junior Warriors Hockey Program was founded for the purpose of building camaraderie among middle school-aged hockey players prior to their matriculation to Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School. The Junior Warriors teams are privately organized by volunteer parents and have no affiliation with either the middle schools of Lincoln or Sudbury. They are part of the Valley Middle School Hockey League. These teams are intended to bring together kids from Lincoln and Sudbury that play in different youth hockey organizations ahead of them coming together more formally at the high school level. Both boys and girls play Jr Warriors.

There are no cuts. Players of all abilities are encouraged to participate, as winning is not the explicit objective. The only requirement is that the kids live in Lincoln or Sudbury in grades 6 to 8. If numbers permit, the teams are structured to include one team per grade to maximize camaraderie. The Junior Warriors program is designed to be supplemental to the players’ regular teams. Jr Warriors participate in a 12-15 games-only schedule with no practices. The name of our middle school club is the Junior Warriors and we have historically had a team for each grade level.

Junior Warriors' coaches manage the teams to ensure equal distribution of ice time and playing opportunities. Coaches emphasize sportsmanship, respect for teammates and opponents, and a fun hockey atmosphere. The ultimate objective is to have graduating 8th grade Junior Warriors excited to participate in the Lincoln Sudbury High School Hockey Program.

The Valley Middle School Hockey League primarily includes Massachusetts teams with competitive Division 1 & 2 high school programs. The teams are placed in divisions based on grade and performance in early season parity jamborees. The 6th and 7th grade teams play in “non-check” divisions that are governed by USA Hockey Peewee rules. The 8th grade team participates in a division governed by USA Hockey Bantam rules and body checking is permitted. All players and coaches must be registered with USA Hockey.

Interested families may contact Mr. Burke at sburke@lincnet.org or work: 781-259-9408 X1001




The Middle School years are often a time when students explore their varied identities. Some students explore LGBTQ+ identities (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning). In the spirit of supporting all students' growth and healthy identity development, here are some resources to help understand more about what exploration of these identities might look like and how to have conversations at home about these topics.

Greater Boston PFLAG (resources and virtual programs for youth and families)

GLSEN (resources)

OUT MetroWest (resources and virtual programs for youth)

Performing Arts

Clayton DeWalt teaches trombone in the Great Outdoors.



Eastern Junior District Auditions! Attention serious singers and instrumentalists in grades 7 and 8. Auditions for Eastern Junior District Festivals are happening in January!! Any musician that is interested in auditioning or simply more information, please check out your respective Google Classroom as all the info is listed there. Of course you can always contact Ms. Sheppard!

We don't have definite word yet, but signs are leading me to believe that this festival should be in-person this year, vs. virtual!!

Music Google Classrooms - Whether your child is in a general music classroom or Band, Chorus and Orchestra, please check out their respective Google Classrooms when you get a chance! They are rich with performances, work displays, and assignments! Ask your child what they are working on!

Extracurricular Activities

Kindness is a cornerstone to Lincoln School's mission, so we are especially excited to celebrate World Kindness Day tomorrow - even if we're not in school! We are always Random Acts of Kindness Activists - also known as RAKtivists. Your family can be RAKtivists, too! Click on this link: https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas for ideas on ways to spread Kindness.

At right, Harrison, G8, holds up a Lincoln School Kindness shirt available through our PTO. Proceeds from Spirit Wear purchases benefit enrichment programs for LPS. Here is a link

Fiber Crafts Club Poster.pdf

Community News

Diversity and Dialogue Series focuses on First Nations People of the Americas

Please join us on Wednesday, Nov. 17 for the 2nd installment of the Lincoln METCO Parent Board's ‘Diversity and Dialogue Series.’ The Zoom link is in the image below.

We are excited to share this wonderful program with you and your family.

Here is a brief synopsis of what to expect:

”Missing information and misinformation about the First Nations people of the Americas has made stereotypes hyper-visible and truths invisible. The journey of un-erasing Indigenous voices and learning what we were not taught, or mis-taught, starts with accurate information.

It continues by having conversations with families, friends, community members, and our own children. Understanding Tribal Land Acknowledgements are a next step in making Indigenous voices visible.”

Join Claudia Fox Tree as she confronts ‘invisibility’ and implicit bias, while focusing on how to engage children through books, videos, and conversations. A resource list with books and links to videos and articles will be provided.

Lunch Menu

November Menu FY22.pdf

In Every Issue


Our Lost & Found continues to grow with regular additions of hoodies, bike helmets, lunch boxes, water bottles and even costume jewelry. View the photo reel below. If something looks familiar, it probably is. Have your student claim it in the main office. Call the office if your student lost eyeglasses or a hearing aide.

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  • If your student is going to be absent or tardy, please notify the 5-8 office by emailing Maureen Belt at mbelt@lincnet.org or calling 781-259-9408 as soon as you know you will be making a schedule change. This is especially important this year.

  • If your student arrives late, they must stop by the main office to obtain a late pass and have their attendance status updated.

  • If your student is out because of illness, you will need to alert our Health Office as well at 781-259-9407.

  • Please let us know in as much advance as possible if you will be dismissing your student early.

  • Please avoid late arrivals and early dismissals during exams. This is disruptive to your student's learning process.

  • If there is a change to your student’s dismissal plan, please be sure to notify us by 1:00 on M. T, Th & F and 11:00 on W, so that we have ample time to notify your student. If you have not notified the school of a change then your student will be dismissed to the dismissal location which you indicated as the routine plan (bus, LEAP, Rec Department, car line, walker/biker).

  • It is upsetting for kids and grown ups when things do not go according to plan, so be sure to communicate with your student and the school so we can avoid these mix ups!


Every Wednesday from 3:45 to 6, a licensed mental health counselor will be at the Hartwell Building to offer free therapy sessions. Please call the Lincoln Council on Aging & Human Services at 781-259-8811 to book an appointment. All appointments are confidential and clinic participation is not shared with the school or other town departments.


We have had a handful of requests for students to ride another bus or jump on the bus of a friend to spend time together after school.

According to Maureen Onigman, Coordinator of Business Operations, students may only ride the bus for which they have a pass. Students may not ride other buses, nor can students without bus passes ride a friend’s bus.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but it aligns with COVID safety measures. All bus pass holders now have assigned seats, so adding additional riders is not possible.


Call 781-259-9408 to reach the Lincoln School 5-8 Main office during school hours 7:30 a.m., to 3 p.m. weekdays. You may also email mbelt@lincnet.org.