2003-2009 Lexus GX470

Tools needed:

14mm, 10mm, sockets/wrenches, 3/16 allen socket, flathead screwdriver, cutoff wheel, safety shield, marker.

  • Open hood and remove retaining clips and radiator cover

  • Unplug Fog lights

  • Remove 2 10mm screws located in each wheel well. (1 is vertical)

  • At this point the bumper cover is ready to remove. Start at each corner and gently pull the bumper cover away from the fender.

  • Remove crash bar/ splash shield via 8 14mm nuts. (Save nuts to be used later)

  • Remove bumper/headlight support brackets via 5 10mm bolts.

  • Cut small center support bracket using a cutoff wheel

  • Cut small supports below each headlight

  • Mark and trim fender support bracket using grinder with cutoff wheel.

  • Cut side support bracket approx 3/4”

  • At this point you are ready to test fit the bumper.

  • Grab a friend and test fit the bumper. Trim any additional plastic/metal as needed.

  • Install winch/lighting before final install.

  • (WARN VR-10-S & most winches) - Remove control pack from winch and use provided plate to mount it behind the front skid plate.

  • Attach side support brackets using included hardware

  • Trim Wheel liners to match new, improved approach angle using box cutter.

  • Install Headlight filler plates using provided hardware.