Transform Learning at Rancho Sienna Elementary

Our goal at Rancho Sienna Elementary is to transform learning in the classroom. We want to incorporate elements of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication into our lessons. This is a place where we can celebrate everyday learning that happens at our school!

Penguin Research

The students in Mrs. Burnikel's second grade class worked hard to create eBooks in Google Slides about penguins. I love to see research come alive for students!

Penguin research - 2nd grade example


The student became the teacher in 3rd grade. Each student became an expert on a different landform. They created a Google Slide Presentation that they used to teach the rest of the class about their landform. This is a great example of taking a jigsaw activity and making it digital.

3rd Grade Landforms

Making Inferences

Wow! Making inferences is a hard concept for elementary students. In order to understand a student's inference, the student needs to explain their thinking. A great tool to use for inferencing is a graphic organizer. The students used a graphic organizer in Google Slides to map out their thinking. Students then took this project a step further by explaining their thinking in Seesaw. The second grade students in Mrs. Dean's class did an awesome job explaining their inferences!

Character Traits

Students in Mrs. Gordy's second grade class are studying internal and external character traits. The students created themselves as a character. They took a selfie in Google Drawings and explained their own character traits. Great job Panthers!

Mystery Hangout

2nd grade students participated in a Mystery Hangout with a class in another state. The classes gave each other clues about their state. Students used map skills to determine where the other class was located. Can you guess the location based on the clues?