Principal PLC Time

WHAT: Time for Dawson Principals to Come Together, Learn & Grow


We will be discussing topics such as the new state expectations for School Improvement plans (where does Indistar fit into this), Cycle of Inquiry; Student Success Plans; PLCs and campus collaborative teams; how to make Student Focused Learning and Culturally Responsive Teaching happen on our campus; the Principal's role with data to support teachers; and what data to use with teachers and how to use it.

Each session will also include a review of the monthly TCC Updates and as needed, ADE personnel and/or others will be invited to come bring updates.

A block of time will be reserved at each session for principals serving in like grade-bands to have informal discussion time on topics of interest.

Why: Professional Learning Communities drive the improvement in our schools. We all know how vital PLCs are for teacher collaboration and growth. It's equally important for administrators to participate in a PLC with their peers.

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Please contact Taryn Echols ( or Allyson Petty ( with any questions.