About LFA/RI

Since its formation in 2007, LFA/RI has worked to promote and support Rhode Island public school students, teachers, and administrators in a variety of ways.

In 2007, LFA/RI published Here's the Rest of the Story, a report focused on the increases in student performance in English language arts and mathematics at all grade levels, the percentage of schools commended for their sustained improvement, and the misconception that schools labeled as making insufficient progress are not improving.

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and Rhode Island PBS aired a program in September 2008 entitled, Where We Stand about the status of public education in the United States. Following the program representatives from LFA/RI participated in a live on-air discussion of public education in Rhode Island.

For a number of years LFA/RI offered free after school onsite professional development to Rhode Island educators. This What Works! Series showcased best practice offerings which were presented by Rhode Island practitioners. Each of these sessions was sponsored by one of the LFA/RI member organizations.

LFA/RI has also made presentations to the former Rhode island Board of Regents, and written letters and had discussions with Rhode Island's Congressional delegation regarding the re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary School Act (ESSA).

In 2013, LFA/RI sponsored its first statewide technology conference, Empowering Practice Through Technology. Once again Rhode Island educators presented best practices to Rhode Island participants. This was followed up with another technology conference in 2014, Digital Learners: Empowering Educators.

In August 2015 LFA/RI changed the theme of its conference to Rhode Island Whole Child Education in Action. We incorporated the ASCD Whole Child Approach and the five tenets: Safe, Healthy, Supported, Engaged and Challenged.

During the 2015-16 school year, LFA/RI returned to the What Works! format using the Whole Child theme for its professional development offerings.

Since 2017, LFA/RI has been working with Sandy Hook Promise to promote its programs in Rhode Island. One program in particular is Start With Hello Week. We are very proud of the increasing number students who have participated in this program through the public schools and other educational organizations.

Currently, LFA/RI is promoting Learning First Alliance’s Public Schools Week which will be from February 24 - 28, 2020. More information can be found for both this program and Start With Hello Week under Events.

LFA/RI continues to use its mission statement as the driving force to support and promote public education in Rhode Island's public schools.

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