Student Registration
& Enrollment Information

Welcome to School District Five

We are excited that you are enrolling your child in our district.  If you have any questions in regards to enrolling, registering, or updating your child's information, please reach out to their school.  Please use our school zone locator if you need to know which school(s) you are zoned for.

School District Five uses an online registration platform called FinalForms, which is open all year long.  At any point in the year, you may log into FinalForms to register a new student or update student information like addresses, phone numbers, etc. Please use the links below to help guide you through the process of registering students or updating their information.

NEW 5K Kindergarten Registration for 23-24 is now OPEN.

 If your student is already enrolled in one of our Pre-K programs, then you will have access to FinalForms on May 1st.

NEW Pre-K Registration for 23-24 - Contact School

 If your student is already enrolled in one of our Pre-K programs, then you will have access to FinalForms on May 1st.

ALL other student registration for 2023-2024 will open on May 1st.

Students, either currently enrolled or new, that will be in grades 1-12 for 23-24 will have access to FinalForms on May 1st.

Current School Year 


Register a student not already in FinalForms.

Update a current student or re-enroll a student previously enrolled in one of our schools.

Next School Year 


Info about registering for the next school year.

Register a new Kindergarten student for next school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out which school my child is zoned for?

Use our school zone locator.  

What documents will I need to complete registration?

What forms of documentation is accepted for proofs of residence?

How do I register my child? 

I need to update my information (address, phone number, etc.) form my student, what do I do? 

How to upload documents in FinalForms? 

What is FinalForms? 

I have forgotten my FinalForms login information.

My child is shown as "Withdrawn" when I log into FinalForms, what do I do?

My student has attended school in School District Five before and is returning, are they considered a new student?

Please note FinalForms is not used to apply for School of CHOICE. To fill out a CHOICE Application please visit the CHOICE Page!