Diamond Clubs

Notes about registration:

  • For most clubs, if you registered, you are in the club! The only club that has a waitlist currently is 7th/8th Grade Debate. Check in the listing below for the link to the roster.
  • If you registered for multiple clubs ON THE SAME DAY you must pick one.
  • If you DID NOT register for a club, you can still join as long as the club isn't full! Go to the club meeting this week and asked to be added to the roster!!

CLICK HERE to register for Fall Clubs!

If registration for a club exceeds enrollment limit, the club's roster will be determined by lottery and a wait list will be created. Club members who miss 3 meetings will be replaced by students on the wait list, in order chosen by lottery.

Diamond Middle School Club Offerings Fall 2019


Day: Tuesdays, 3-4pm

Advisor: Ms. Lally

Room: 243

Grade Level: 6-8

Enrollment Limit: 20 students

Description: Are you a girl who loves math? There is a place for you at Girls into Math(GIM), an introduction to the variety of math competitions offered at Diamond. We will explore many different topics (Probability, Algebra, Geometry, Permutations,etc.) to build a strong foundation for math competitions. The hope is to provide a place for girls to get interested in math and most importantly, have fun. All skill levels are welcome to join.


Day: Tuesdays, 3-4pm

Advisor: Mr. Powers

Room: 175

Grade Level: 6-8

Description: The goal of this club is to foster meaningful friendships between students with diverse talents, abilities, and interests.


Day: Tuesdays, 3-4pm

Advisor: Ms. Hildick

Room: 2005

Grade Level: 6-8

Description: Coding Club is for students who are interested in learning or expanding their knowledge in HTML and CSS. In doing so, students will work together to comprehend codes and work on labs with assistance. Each club member will learn at least one new skill per meeting to build a strong foundation for when we start the projects. All skill levels are welcome! The website for the club can be found at https://bit.ly/2lsl3QB. Coding Club is coached by former Diamond student Aline Keremian.


UBUNTU CREW (Formerly Mural Club)

Day: Tuesdays, 3:10-4:15

Advisors: Ms. Alexander

Room: 150

Grade Level: 8th graders only

Maximum Enrollment: 10 students

Description: This club will continue the awesome work of last year's Mural Club, focusing on doing mural work within the school. Students will learn about muralists and their pieces, practice mural and painting techniques, and design and propose murals for the walls of Diamond Middle School. Students interested in improving their skills and leaving a legacy should apply!


Days: Tuesdays, 3-4pm

Advisor: Ms. Tanguay

Room: Library

Grade Level: 6-8

Enrollment Limit: 20 students

Description: Are you good with a camera? Do you get compliments on the pictures you take? Yearbook staff members will chronicle everyday life at Diamond and then decide which photos will get published in the 2019-2020 Yearbook.


Days: Tuesdays, 3-4pm

Advisor: Ms. Shand

Room: 2000

Grade Level: 6-8

Description: Do you want a space where you can share and embrace who you are as an individual? Would you like to have discussions on issues that matter to you? Do you want to learn more about the rich cultural and ethnic diversity in our school community? Have you been looking for a way to build a genuine sense of unity among diversity at Diamond? Bring a friend and come with ideas on topics you feel passionate about and action projects you want to start. Together, we will build a community where we can comfortably exchange norms and ideas and develop meaningful relationships across difference. Let's build a space where we can have honest, meaningful, and respectful dialogue on issues related to who we are and what we care about! All are welcome!


Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:15-7:50am

Advisor: Mr. Wilcox

Room: 1007

Grade Level: 6-8

Description: Would you prefer some quiet, calm time before school starts to get yourself focused and ready for the day? Head to Early Bird Club before the first bell with Mr. Wilcox. A quiet space to read, do homework, or just chill out before the day begins!


Day: Wednesdays, 3-4pm

Advisor: Mr. Bosbach

Room: 210

Grade Level: 6-8

Enrollment Limit: 25 students

Description: Want to know what being a world leader is like in our dramatically changing world? The Model UN club provides you with the skills you need to participate in student conferences simulating meetings that United Nations committees would have. It is competitive, but most importantly, Model Un club will inspire students to change the world!! Students should direct questions to Mr. Bosbach.


Day: Wednesdays, 3-4pm

Advisor: Ms. D'Auria

Room: 152

Grade Level: 6-8

Enrollment Limit: 24 students

Description: Interested in exciting Anime shows, manga and/or drawing? Come and watch some movies, show episodes and discuss Anime with other students who also enjoy it. Learn tips on drawing manga/anime style. Recommend show series and mangas to others or discover new animes people recommend to you. Laugh at some crazy anime episodes and enjoy some snacks after school.


Day: Thursdays, 3-4pm

Advisor: Ms. Murphy

Room: 225

Grade Level: 6th graders only

Enrollment Limit: 15 students only (club roster will be determined by lottery after registration has closed)

Description: This debate club for 6th graders will introduce students to the process and skills required to engage in debating a variety of topics. LHS Debate Team members coach this club.


Day: Thursdays, 3-4pm

Advisor: Ms. Flori

Room: Library

Grade Level: 8th & 7th grade students only (priority will be given to 8th graders)

Enrollment Limit: 24 students only (club roster will be determined by lottery after registration has closed)


Description: The 7th/8th Grade Debate Club will introduce students to the world of debate, prepare them to compete and participate in the high school debate program, and teach them how to approach the world through a more questioning and inquisitive lens. We will address several topics, including how to understand an argument, generate responses, and be compelling as well as convincing in speech. Contextualized by a week-long focus on a topic currently in the news, the skills are both approachable and interesting, making this the ideal forum to develop an understanding of the world, and of debate. LHS Debate Team members coach this club.


Days: Thursdays, 3-4pm

Advisor: Ms. O’Brien

Room: 229

Grade Level: 6-8

Enrollment Limit: 14 students

Description: Diplomacy is a board game played on a map of Europe as it existed just before WWI. It is a game of negotiation, strategy, diplomacy, betrayal, and trust. For students interested in history and human behavior, you will learn first-hand how and when to make or break alliances, when to keep the peace and when to wage war. This club is coached by former Diamond student Grace Yang.

DIAMOND DISPATCH (School Newspaper)

Day: to be announced, 3-4pm

Advisor: Mrs. Wettstone

Room: 1005

Grade Level: 6-8

Description: Students will write, conduct interviews, prepare articles, and provide illustrations for publication in the school newspaper. Students with questions about joining the staff of Diamond Dispatch should speak with Mrs. Wettstone.

GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance)

Day: Wednesdays, 3-4pm

Advisors: Ms. Levy

Room: 238

Grade Level: 6-8

Description: What is the GSA all about?

1. Helping Diamond be a safe place for all

2. Creating a safe space for support of GLBTQ students, allies, families, and friends

3. Creating a safe space to explore identity

4. Creating opportunities for activism and education

The Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) is a club that provides a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for frank and honest discussion of issues related to sexual and gender identity, family, and equality at Diamond and in the larger community. All students are encouraged to attend, especially those interested in examining issues related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer experience.

*There is no need to register for this club - it is on a drop-in basis. See advisor for details*


Days: Monday through Thursdays, 3-4pm

Advisors: Ms. Casey. Ms. Burgin, Mr. Decker

Room: 2007

Grade Level: 6-8

Description: Students may drop in Monday through Thursday to get help with homework or just have a quiet place to work.

*There is no need to register for this club - it is on a drop-in basis. See advisor for details*


Days: To be determined, before school meetings

Advisors: Mrs. Wettstone & Mr. Synnott

Room: 1005

Description: Members of the Student Council will meet before school to develop and discuss ideas to improve the Diamond Middle School community. Students from all grades are welcome and encouraged to help.

*There is no need to register for this club - it is on a drop-in basis. See advisor for details*


Day: One Friday/Month - Dates are listed at https://diamonddrama.weebly.com/drama-workshops.html

Advisors: Mrs. Kalivas (Richards)

Room: 180

Grade Level: 6-8th

Maximum Enrollment: 30 students

Description: Diamond Drama will be hosting monthly workshops after school for any students who would like to gain more experience, stretch their skills, and learn even more about special topics in theatre!

Special Topics Include: Costumes, Improv, Audition Skills, Shakespeare, and more!

*Sign up sheets will be posted outside of room 180 prior to each workshop - keep your eyes open for them!*


Day: Last Wednesday of Every Month

Advisor: Ms. Tanguay

Room: Library

Grade Level: 8th

Description: At the beginning of each month we will decide what YA book we will read for the month. Take your time reading the book and then, the last Wednesday of the month, come chat with some of your favorite teachers and other 8th graders about what you read!

*There is no need to register for this club- look for posters each month to know what we're reading!*

Fall 2019 Clubs

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Have a question about clubs at Diamond? Email Ms. Casey at tcasey@lexingtonma.org