Capstone: Why do we tell stories?


cap·stone \ˈkap-ˌstōn\ (noun)

1. A stone that seals a door, arch, etc.

2. The high point or crowning achievement


  • A multi-media project that answers the course's essential question: Why do we tell stories.
  • An annotated bibliography covering each of the texts you've read this year
  • Due June, 2017
Capstone Final Project 2017


  • Use the document to the left to help guide your final project.
  • Use the rubrics to assess your work as you progress
  • Use the examples tab at the top of this page to watch sample projects.


  • You will read two books over the course of 10 weeks
  • They must be books you have never read before
  • You must read physical, bound, old-fashioned books
  • They must be in English
  • They can be from any genre
  • Each book must be written by a different author
  • You will receive credit for bringing your book to class every Friday and reading diligently throughout the block


  • Our definition of "texts" will expand to include...
    • 2 full-length novels of two different genres
    • 1 full-length feature film
    • 3 episodes of audio (podcasts or radio)
    • 3 pieces of short fiction
    • 3 articles of non-fiction (including TedTalks)
    • 3 pieces of short film
    • 1 article/essay of literary theory