Academic Support @ LHS

Lexington High School offers

a variety of options for Academic Support.

  • If you are struggling with some of your COURSE CONTENT, please reach out to your classroom teacher to discuss accessing support from them directly. There are also a number of resources offered by our academic support teachers and/or tutors in various subject areas.

  • Some students have academic support scheduled into their day. You can discuss this option with your classroom teacher or counselor. Other students are welcome to drop in for academic support. Please see the Peer Tutoring link below.

  • If you are struggling with ORGANIZATION AND MANAGING THE WORK, the LHS site Executive Functioning Tools has excellent resources. You can also reach out to our librarians and academic support teachers, also linked below.

  • Of course, you can always reach out to your counselor to get some support in figuring out next steps!

Please review the following links to gather more information:

The Learning Center (Humanities and Math)

METCO Academic Support

Peer Tutoring

Science Skills

The LHS librarians are always here to help. Check out their suggestions for remote learning!