What's The Cost?

Expedition Overview

Over the past couple of weeks at our school Meadow Glen Middle, our 7th grade CREWs have been working hard to create and complete our 7th grade expedition called "What's The Cost." So far we have worked in each of our core classes to show how water is important to our lives. In ELA we read a book called "A Long Walk To Water," by Linda Sue Park that talked about the lives of two young children living in two different conditions. The book talked about how important clean drinking water is to the lives of all people. In Science we built water filters to test how we can filter water and make it safe to drink. In Math we did a project relating to the filters we built in Science and we used the data we collected from our filters to create graphs in order to analyze whether or not our filters were effective. In Social Studies we made infographics that showed information on the famine in Ethiopia. What we did in all of our classes connected to our final product, the 5K run and how we can raise money and receive water donations to provide for those who need it around the World.

Expedition Guiding Questions

What do we need to survive?

Do we have a right to clean water?

How does having a sustainable water source impact the development of society?

How do societies’ consumption of water impact the water source?

How do culture, time, and place influence your access to water?

Most of Sudan's currently accessible underground water is shared with surrounding countries.

Women and children must devote the most time in their days to gather water.

Approximately 68% of the total population of Sudan have access to clean water.

Patterns would be the reoccurring dry seasons and droughts that Sudan experience often.

People living in urban areas, particularly in poorer neighborhoods, have been hardest hit. They can no longer afford to buy enough safe water. Those who still can afford it, now spend twice as much as they did just a few months ago.

Governments recognize their inadequacies, but say they have limited funds and expertise to improve water infrastructure and storage capabilities.

The Drip Podcast

LInk for Podcasts: https://anchor.fm/camrynn-beck/episodes/The-Drip-Podcast-ea296o

The Drip is an informational podcast about water scarcity created by Ms. Garrison’s 7th grade Working Crew. In this podcast, we wanted to focus on the many people who experience water scarcity in their communities. We also wanted to discuss the importance of water us in our own community and how we can help other communities improve their water supply. While making this podcast we had to create our topic, practice our interview skills, and then learned how to edit the final episodes.

Episode ONE, we interviewed Mr. Matt Bonte on his experiences with 5Ks and how our community can prepare for MGM 5k in March.

Episode TWO, discusses a book review of A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park and we learned a lot about water scarcity.

We hope you tune in and we'll see you at the 5K.

What's The Cost Documentary