Lexicon WordPress User Guide

Thanks for using Lexicon services!

Below you will find a quick start guide on how to navigate your new WordPress website.

Logging in the dashboard

The admin dashboard is access by adding /wp-admin at the end of your website's URL. If your website is http://example.com you can access the admin interface at http://example.com/wp-admin

Enter the login and password that was provided to you by Lexicon. If you ever update your password please remember that the first step to security is a proper password. Avoid using passwords like admin123, exampleAdmin and other passwords easy to guess (either by a human or an automated process).

Switching between dashboard and website

While logged in, you can access the dashboard from your website at anytime by clicking the dashboard icon or the dashboard link in the top left of the admin bar.

While on the dashboard clicking on this same area will switch to your homepage.

The main feature of the admin dashboard are described on the left.

You can click any menu item directly or hover it to view and access sub-menus.

Adding and editing content