Project #4 Breath Better

One of our 4th grade classes measured the cars idling in our car rider line in September. Data was collected and sent in to DHEC (B2). Currently, our 5th graders are working on 2 projects. One group is measuring particulates in different places around the school. The other group is measuring Co2 and particulates that come out of car tailpipes (designed fitted filters).

How Students will Teach Others: Project Learning Tree curriculum activities such as, “The Air We Breathe”, are experiences that helped to begin these projects.

Our Car Idling data collector, 4th grader Mia doing our final count. She is counting the number of cars idling in our car rider line. She also counts the number of Day Care Vans and Buses that are idling. Mia feels so strongly about this effort that she politely asks parents to turn off their cars. She created another category of data collection called "Parents who turned their cars off after being asked" and "Parents who have good reasons to keep their cars idling".

Project #5 Rain Barrels


Students identify places where rain barrels are needed around DFES. They created videos about storm water that were shared with the school at their Learning Celebrations.