Technology Help Desk

A One-Stop Shop For Students, Parents, and Lexington Two Employees

Click here if you are experiencing software or hardware issues with your district device, district desktop/laptop, or other classroom technology.

  • Enter your email address to create an account with the system. You will be taken to our Help Desk ticket system where it will ask you to "login to submit a ticket." Simply enter your email address (students and teachers enter their Lex2 email and family members enter a personal email). You will be sent a link to your email to continue placing your help ticket.

If you are experiencing login phone, or security issues, please see the sections below for more information.

Click here if you are experiencing login errors in any of your school-related accounts.

If you have an emergency phone issue, contact (803) 739-4189 as soon as possible. Do not submit a Help Desk ticket.

If you have an immediate building security issue with security cameras or the access control panel, please contact computer services. Do not submit a Help Desk ticket.

For Lexington Two teachers only: Click here to contact the district instructional technology coaches, Dr. Janet Dedmon and Dr. Bridgett Wolfe. They can help you convert traditional activities or create new effective digital activities to support your blended learning instruction.