Program Information

Grade 6 Math Program

The Glencoe Math Program puts math in context so students can see how math matters.

Through a mix of conceptual understanding, application, and procedural skill and fluency students work through grade level content in an engaging way.

In the end, proficiency for all students is the goal of Glencoe Math. Differentiated instruction resources ensure approaching-level students master concepts before moving on, while beyond-level students are continually challenged through a mix of procedural skills, inquiry labs, performance tasks, and application of skills questions.

K-5 Math Program

The Lewiston School Department has adopted McGraw-Hill's MyMath program as our primary math resource for all six elementary schools.

The MyMath program is a completely consumable program that allows each student to interact with the text in multiple ways throughout the learning cycle. Personalized vocabulary, student created examples as well as online games move students from conceptual understanding to math they can apply.