The aim of Ayurveda in my approach is to facilitate you

understanding your physiology and psychology.

If you were sexually abused as a child

my "Trauma-Informed" support will be all the more suitable for you.

Trauma-informed Ayurveda for recovery from childhood trauma and abuse.

My approach to Ayurveda is to allow you to know your physiological characteristics very well, and to overcome trauma or abuse / sexual violence suffered in childhood.

I have centered my practice of Ayurveda on alleviating the consequences of trauma experienced by my clients and on the acquisition of lasting well-being through the capacity for self-regulation.

You can calculate your Adverse Childhood Experiences score here

If you don't speak English call me so that I can help you fill it out 00 33 (0)7 81 77 91 29 (WhatsApp number) 

STEP 1 complete your questionnaires

Do several Ayurvedic tests below then scan them and send them to me in a single email on

I will call you back on the phone to check them and plan the video teleconsultation.


Additional document to complete if you also come to be helped from a traumatic point of view:

The excel document can help me explain suitable resources for you.

Send me the completed Word documents + the Excel in one email to

STEP 2 call me for a video preparation call

We take a telephone appointment on 00 33 (0)7 81 77 91 29 (WhatsApp number) so that I can listen to you and better understand what brings you to Ayurveda "Trauma-Aware"; Ayurveda to recover from trauma and abuse.

You call me at the scheduled time. It lasts between 15 and 45 minutes maximum.

STEP 3 the "Trauma-Informed" Ayurvedic assessment teleconsultation takes place in video

We take an appointment by video so that I can observe and confirm your Birth Constitution, assess imbalances and explain the useful bases of Ayurveda to you.

The subject of your painful experiences will only be mentioned during this video on your initiative.

It lasts 1h30 maximum.



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