Lesterville Elementary Counselor

Mrs. Goodman's Counseling Corner

Word of the Month: January - Determination

Quote of the Month: "Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you."

~Denis Waitley

Meet your Elementary Counselor:

-Mrs. Ceclie Goodman

I am excited and honored to become the Elementary Counselor at Lesterville R-4, a school I have always admired and respected. I live in Ellington with my husband, Larry and our children, Carsen and Makenna. Carsen and Makenna currently attend MSU in Springfield, so we are recent 'empty nesters' and are getting used to a much quieter household.

I look forward to getting to know the students, parents, staff, and community members of Lesterville R-4. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance with your child or would like to know about any resources or referrals that may benefit your child.

Students of the Month


SEPTEMBER STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: PK- Jase Crocker K- Kayson Wilkins 1- Kodi-Lyn Shrum 2- Logan Burgess

3- Kaiden Mathes 4- Aidan Miller 5- Clara Brandel 6- Colton Meredith

OCTOBER STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: PK- Charlee Bishop K- Avery Pollack 1- Roman Lanham 2- Aubrey Hill

3- Makenna Buntion 4- Jarett Meredith 5- Cadence Dunn 6- Talyah Maize

NOVEMBER STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: PK- Winston Twomey K- Mason Gray 1- Brylee Bishop 2- Laynee Troutt

3- Serene Barton 4- Carter St. Gemme 5-Jordyn McCartney 6- Isaiah Twomey

DECEMBER STUDENTS OF THE MONTH: PK- Danilynn Browers K- Blakely Mayes 1- Kali-Rae Shrum 2- Daniel Crocker 3- Tyler Woody 4- Rylee Laughman 5- Adrick Fitzgerald 6- Sidney Hawkins


Guidance Class Schedule

Kindergarten: Wednesday @ 2:10

1st: Tuesday @ 2:10

2nd: Wednesday @ 11:45

3rd: Tuesday @ 12:00

4th: Thursday @ 2:20

5th: Tuesday @ 11:25

6th: Thursday @ 10:00

Contact information: cgoodman@lesterville.k12.mo.us 573-637-2201 ext. 249