Bringing more silence

Cathy Camertijn

My mission is to bring more silence to the world. I love the combination of technology and higher consciousness.

I am the glue between the need, the data and the solution.

You can recruit me as a freelancer for noise and silence projects or as an inspiring speaker on the power of silence. I also give conscious speaking trainings.

Jamal Elmansour

I always consider that life is not only to be busy, but to be creative and innovative. I am a driving engineer for new projects and challenges. I love sustainable development (energy sector, renewable, environment and machine learning) and consider it as the main aspects of any country's progress. My focus is to be involved on projects in these areas.

Creating a silent world is a dream that it is going to become true. Bringing silence and good air quality monitoring are now part of my preoccupations.

We are Cathy Camertijn, from Belgium and Jamal Elmansour from Morocco. We bring more silence to the world via the development of technical and human solutions to diminish the noise pollution. We bring more silence within individuals, communities, cities and countries.

Last year in 2018 we got connected and had the same dream. One year later we decided to work together as a duo consultancy team to implement noise and more silence-bringing projects in cities and countries. Our strength is that our skills are complementary.

Please contact us if you have an idea, a project or something else concerning noise and silence. We work in Morocco and Europe.

Silent App_v2.pptx

For one of our projects we are looking for an app developer. If you're interested in joining our team, please contact us.

Please contact us if you concider yourself as a Silent World Creator. You work in the field of technology, human conversation, consciousness or others.