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DID YOU KNOW? May is Mental Health Awareness Month??

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Mrs. Pokracki MSEd, NCC

(top picture on the left)

Pre K, 4th - 6th Grade

Email: rpokracki@leroycsd.org

Phone: (585) 768-5547

Mrs. Hyde MS, CAS

(on the right)

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Email: jhyde@leroycsd.org

Phone: (585) 768-5548

Mrs. Hyde & Mrs. Pokracki welcome 2021 with a renewed focus on regulation of emotion in a chaotic world.

Adults and students are welcome to practice the many coping and mindful strategies within this site.

Look around and give a few a try!


WSS has pledged to help end the stigma surrounding Mental Health during the month of May!

Links and resources will be posted here all month for Students, Families, Teachers & Staff members that can help improve our Mental Health!

Let's Talk About Mental Health!!

Mental Health is something that EVERYONE has!

The choices we make every day impact how healthy we are mentally!

Practicing coping skills is one way to increase the health of our Mental Health!

Check back for NEW links throughout the month!

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