Upcoming events:


Free Special Needs Clinic at Northampton CC, 2-3pm 

(Via all-star volunteer to work this clinic)

March 17, 2024


Lehigh Valley Senior All-Star Classic  Super Sunday 

(all day at NCC)

March 24, 2024

Preserving History

 honoring Excellence

connecting generations

Established in the 1970s, the All-Star Classic & Hall of Fame is an annual event honoring the best basketball teams, players, coaches and contributors from now and the past. 

Senior All-Star Classic

A competitive basketball game honoring the best seniors from the Lehigh Valley's 40+ high schools. 

Hall of Fame

A collection of the most outstanding players, coaches, contributors and teams in Lehigh Valley's rich basketball history. 

Via of the Lehigh Valley

Both the All-Star Classic and the Hall of Fame are vehicles to raise awareness and funding for the Via of the Lehigh Valley effort to provide services to people with disabilities.