Design of Engineering Materials @ ASME

This is a working website for the new Technical Committee within ASME for the Design of Engineering Materials (DEM).

ASME-IMECE is one of the premiere conferences promoting the art, science and practice of mechanical and multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences. It is uniquely positioned to be a nexus for engineering-materials-by-design research at the intersection of mechanics, materials, and aerospace.

Mission: The Design of Engineering Materials (DEM) Technical Committee (TC) is intended to further the development of a sustainable interdisciplinary community dedicated to understanding materials design problems. This TC is to serve as a platform for facilitating collaborations, promoting innovative symposia, and organizing relevant workshops, publications, and reports. It is our hope to attract professionals across academia, industry and government to help establish this technical committee as a transformative force for years to come.

Meetings and News:

  • At ASME-IMECE 2019, the DEM TC meeting will be held Monday Nov. 11th, 2019 at the Mariott Hotel (Room: Deer Valley 1, 1st floor) from 12-1pm
  • At ASME-IMECE 2019, the DEM TC is organizing and co-sponsoring several topics:
      1. Topic 10-20: Perspectives from Division Directors, Program Managers, and Center Leadership on Materials by Design Challenges. Representatives from ONR, NIST, NSF, AFOSR, DARPA, ARO, and several Materials by Design related Centers at LLNL, JHU and UCI to present. Topic culminates with a speaker panel discussion. See flyer below for more information.
      2. Topic 10-19: Design of Engineered Materials and Components for Additive Manufacturing.
      3. Topic 10-2: Multiscale Modeling for Materials Design
      4. Topic 2-2: Conference-Wide Symposium on Additive Manufacturing
  • At ASME-IMECE 2018, the inaugural meeting of this TC was held Monday Nov. 12th, 2018. The 11/12/18 meeting minutes and draft by-laws are available upon request (

Natasha Vermaak, DEM TC Chair:

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

Lehigh University

Andrew T. Gaynor, DEM TC Vice-Chair:

Design Optimization Team

Weapons and Materials Research Directorate

U.S. Army Research Laboratory