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Ipevo camera & Software

Elementary Nearpod Training (2020-08-10 at 08:05 GMT-7)

Nearpod: What Can I Do With the Free Version

Recording and Presentation

Free Nearpod Training #1
EMS Nearpod Training (2020-08-11 at 06:29 GMT-7)

Get Students Future Ready with Nearpod: Middle School Training

Recording and Presentation

LCPS Get Students Future Ready with Nearpod
Google Toolbox - Slides (2020-08-10 at 10:07 GMT-7)

Google Slides

Recording and Presentation

LCPS training Google Slides
Creating and Hosting Meetings Using Google Meet (2020-08-12 at 10:00 GMT-7)

Google Meet

Recording and Presentation

Google Meet
Creating Interactive activities with Google Slides (2020-08-14 at 06:33 GMT-7)

Creating Interactive Activities Using Google Slides

Recording and Presentation

Interactive Activities Using Google Slides
Be a chromebook whiz! (2020-08-14 at 10:02 GMT-7)

Be a Chromebook Wizard

Recording and Presentation

LCPS 2020 Training Chromebook Whiz
Google Toolbox - Google Classroom (2020-08-17 at 08:03 GMT-7)

Google Classroom

Recording and Presentation

LCPS Google Classroom training 2020
Make your own videos with Canvas Studio (2020-08-17 at 06:30 GMT-7)

Using Canvas Studio

Recording and Presentation

Using Canvas Studio
Google Toolbox - Docs (2020-08-19 at 08:11 GMT-7)

Google Docs

Recording and Presentation

2020 LCPS Google Docs Presentation
You’re gonna flip out over Flipgrid! (2020-08-18 at 06:35 GMT-7)

You're Going to Flip Over Flipgrid!

Recording and Presentation

LCPS Flipgrid 2020
Online Worksheets using Google Slides (2020-08-19 at 10:02 GMT-7)

Make Your PDFs and Worksheets Editable Using Google Slides

Recording and Presentation

Make Your PDFs and Worksheets Editable
Instructional Planning for in-person, hybrid and remote learners (2020-08-19 at 05:30 GMT-7)

Instructional Planning for In-Person, Hybrid, and Remote Learners

Recording and Presentation

Instructional Planning
Record yourself, your screen, and your lesson with Loom (2020-08-19 at 06:32 GMT-7)

Record Yourself, Your Screen, and Your Lesson with Loom

Recording and Presentation

Teaching Math Online (2020-08-18 at 08:12 GMT-7)

Teaching Math Online

Recording and Presentation

Online Math Tools
Introduction to Common Lit, Reading Grades 3-12 (2020-08-18 at 08:09 GMT-7)

Introduction to Common Lit

Recording and Presentation

Copy of CommonLit
Bitmoji for Elementary (2020-08-11 at 10:03 GMT-7)

Bitmoji for Elementary

Creating Bitmoji Scenes

Copy of Bitmoji Community Presentation
Creating Bitmoji Scenes - Middle & High School (2020-08-13 at 10:04 GMT-7)
Using the Force, Finding Quality Online Resources (2020-08-18 at 10:01 GMT-7)

Use the Force: Finding quality online resources

Video & Presentation

Copy of USE THE FORCE: Finding Online Quality Resources
Building an Effective Online Learning Module (2020-08-17 at 10:02 GMT-7)

Building an Effective online Learning Module

Video & Presentation

Copy of Effective online learning modules
Optional Training - Simplify Canvas OR Google Classroom for Elementary Students (2020-09-28 at 11:31 GMT-7)

Simplify Your LMS for Elementary Learners

Video & Presentation

Canvas for Elementary