Ledyard Board of Education

The Ledyard Board of Education consists of nine local citizens elected to serve as volunteers for two-year terms. The members reflect a commitment and dedication to education and to the townspeople of Ledyard. The public is invited to attend all Ledyard Board of Education meetings.

Ledyard is a diverse and empowering community that inspires in each child a continuous love of learning, self-confidence, and commitment to excellence. The community supports each child to achieve at the highest levels and to innovate in a world of change. Our children thrive and make a lasting contribution to the community. Citizens trust, invest in, and benefit from the Ledyard Public Schools.

To contact the Board of Education, please email us at BOE@ledyard.net

Meet the Board:

Anthony Favry



Kate DiPalma-Herb


Brandon Graber


Jason Hartling



Ex Officio Member