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Bring prosperity to your crypto trade with Ledger.com/start

Crypto trade asks for enhanced security parameters and this was when hardware wallets entered into the world of crypto assets. Hardware wallets are considered more safe in comparison to software wallets, and Ledger is a known hardware wallet.

But do you have an idea what’s important to work with a Leger device?

Ledger Live - a software app that is to be paired up with the Ledger device for easy operation and management of digital funds. Ledger.com/start is the official page from where you can get the Live app or get an insight into it. However, a few of the users are familiar with this software application and the processes supported by it, thus, to help you to gain knowledge about the same we have crafted this read.

Take a quick tour of this comprehensive read to gather information about it.

Introductory information you should know about Ledger Hardware Wallet

Ledger Live is a software application launched by the Ledger team to add convenience to the working of the users for ensuring that they need not cover a problematic path for dealing in the crypto assets and growing them. This software app works hand-in-hand with the Ledger device which means that it needs to be paired up with the Leger hardware wallet.

Some of the experts in this field have granted it the recognition of “A secure gateway to the world of digital assets”. It is said so because, through this app, users can perform a large number of activities, such as exchanging digital assets, growing their funds, and a lot more operations that aid in expanding their trade.

Take an overview of it by navigating to https://www.ledger.com/start

Key Takeaways

Languages supported by Ledger Live

Users can enjoy the services of Ledger.com/start in the following languages:

Checking for an authentic page for installation

Installation is the first step that users need to take, thus, choosing an authentic page to install the app becomes important. We are here to mention the legitimate app from where you can install this app, along with the highlighted steps that you need to take.

Have a glance at them.

Alternatively, you can even scan the QR Code provided on the page for installing the Live app on your mobile devices. Further, to opt for a Ledger device you can even check the comparison table by reaching Leger hardware wallet.

Start organizing your funds by pairing up the software to the Ledger devices

For pairing up with the app, users first need to choose one of the Ledger hardware wallets launched by the team. Further, the highlighted steps that users need to go through to set up the app have been summarized as under:

Further, go through the on-screen instructions to complete the setting up of the wallet.

Configure the “Price Alert” settings…

Are you running Leger hardware wallet through a mobile device?

If yes, then do you know that you can easily get notified about the price fluctuations of BTC or ETH if it shoots up or goes down by 5% or more?

Yeah… you can enable this setting or disable it at any time. Look at the steps mentioned under to activate this setting.

Activate/Deactivate price alerts

Encountered “READ ECONNRESET” error? - here are the fixes

If you have recently added a new account in Ledger Live, then it is more likely that users might face this issue. Whilst dealing with the software app, you might have even encountered the “CONNECT ETIMEDOUT” error.

We have mentioned this error here because the troubleshooting measures to be adopted in both cases are a bit similar. Moreover, the driving causes of this error are also the same.

Have a glance at them.

Expected Reasons

Corrective Measures

If using a VPN, try taking the following actions:

Not using a VPN

Nothing worked??

Now, comes the last case wherein you tried all the possible measures to rectify the error, but the issue is still the same. The only solution that you can practice under that case is to get in touch with the customer support team of Leger hardware wallet.

Final Lines

Through the above-carved content, we tried to elucidate some crucial aspects relating to
Leger hardware wallet, and how to perform operations through that software. Users can even compare all the Ledger hardware wallets to pick the one that best suits their trading requirements. Moreover, users can even explore its knowledge base by diving into the “Support” section of Leger hardware wallet and then going through their relative queries.