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Ledger Extension- Effortlessly connect to the Web3 world 

When it comes to entering the crypto trading world, it surely comes with several responsibilities at hand. First and foremost, we need to decide on a crypto exchange from where we are going to purchase or sell our crypto assets. And, as soon as we invest in our preferred crypto, the next thing that we need to be worried about is to make sure that those purchased assets are safe. 

Hence, to safely safeguard those crypto assets, we need to choose a crypto wallet. Among umpteen choices for crypto wallets, one should give preference to using cold wallet storage. This simply means that we should invest in a hardware wallet rather than a hot wallet. Well, if you are not comfortable with using a hardware wallet straightaway, then you may also go with a hot wallet. But, hardware wallets are comparatively more secure. 

In this regard, a Ledger wallet can be counted as the top choice of users and there are many supporting reasons for the same. Hence, to use this wallet effortlessly, their team designed a Ledger extension. To know what it is and how it works, give a thorough read to this post. 

What is a Ledger extension? 

Well, to put it short, we can say that it is a browser extension that allows users to connect to the Web3 world without having to do much and without compromising on security grounds. With a Ledger extension by your side, you cannot only store and manage your crypto assets but also deal with NFTs safely. So, we can say that those who are using Ledger Nano X can easily access the NFT marketplace and take a smooth stroll through the Web3 world without the interference of any other software. 

Features of the Ledger Extension 

The extension comes with a Web3 check feature that allows users to remain safe from any kind of scams. It also restricts you from navigating to suspicious websites or smart contracts. 

This feature is at the core of this extension meaning that whenever you make a transaction and hit the "Confirm" button, you get to preview the details of your transaction. This allows you to make necessary changes in case you want. 

The Bluetooth® connectivity to your mobile device allows you to buy and manage NFTs/Web3 assets without undergoing any kind of difficulty. Access the crypto world on the go right after setting up your Ledger wallet via

Well, the Ledger extension lets you connect to multiple Ledger devices at the same time. This ensures easy navigation among the devices. Not just that, you will also get multichain wallet support so that managing assets becomes convenient. 

How does Ledger Extension work?

To work with this extension, you need to get the extension downloaded on your device. Once the extension app is downloaded, you can surely install the extension on your Safari browser and then pair it with your Ledger Nano X device. Upon adding the extension, you may explore your favorite NFT marketplace and the Defi world after connecting your Ledger wallet to the platform. 

Apart from that, you'll be glad to know that the Ledger extension works just fine with the Ledger Nano X device and helps you protect your private keys or sign transactions. In addition to that, you should note that this extension is currently available to be used only with the Safari web browser. If you wish to get it installed on Chrome or any Chromium-based browser, then you need to have some patience as the Ledger team is preparing to roll out support for more browsers soon. 

The extension can be added to Safari on iOS 16+ after installing it from authentic sources. And you know what the best thing is- it works well with chains such as Ethereum and Polygon. Moreover, they are planning to develop support for Solana and EVM as well. To your surprise, the Ledger extension will soon have support for Ledger Nano S Plus and Ledger Stax. 

Some pre-requirements to install Ledger Extension 

Prior to initiating the process to download the Ledger extension on your device, you need to make sure that: 

Now, it's time to install the Ledger extension 

Installing the extension requires you to first download the app and then go forward with the installation steps. Once the app gets successfully downloaded, you need to get the Ledger extension added to your Safari browser: 

Steps to enable the Ledger extension 

As said above, after installing the Ledger extension app, you need to add it to your Safari browser. So, here we are with the steps you need to follow to get this done: 

The next step is to allow permissions 

Steps to complete the Setup process 

To further connect your Ledger Nano X and complete its final setup process, here are the steps to be followed. But, prior to that, you need to make sure that the Bluetooth on your Ledger device as well as your iPhone or Mac device is enabled: 

Note: If you have recently purchased a Ledger device and haven't set it up, then you can do so by navigating to and then applying the steps explained here. 

Concluding views:

I hope you were able to set up and use the Ledger extension after following the easy guide that I have explained in the sections above. After setting up your Ledger extension, you can use it to access the dApps on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain.