SMS Library 

Learning Center

Teacher-Librarian: Mr. Wardman

Library Ass't: Ashley Redmond

Hours: Monday-Friday            8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Want to know which books we have in our library? Click here and search for a specific book or browse our shelves virtually.  Reserve your favorites.

E-books, graphic novels, manga, e-magazines, and audiobooks.  Our personal SMS digital library.  Select Sd#23 and log in with your account.   

Is the book you want not here? Try the Okanagan Regional Library.   Sign up for an ORL e-card and stop by a branch within 8 months to activate permanently.  Under 13 requires parent sign-off.  CHECK OUT THE CONTESTS!

Did you just finish reading a really good book, but don't know what to read next? Type the name of a book that you love into the search bar and it will suggest other books that are similar. 

Looking for a good book, but don't know which one to choose? Visit GoodReads for reviews and more.  Green tab means you can read it immediately on-line.

Canoe Kids - Magazines about Indigenous Peoples across Canada.

Check out this Link for Magazines of Teen Interest

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