OKM Soccer Academy

Okanagan Mission Secondary/Kelowna United Soccer Academy

Okanagan Mission Secondary is pleased to provide students with the opportunity to participate, enjoy and learn the game of soccer. Professional instructor(s) team up with teachers to produce a high level learning environment for student athletes.

The program's long-term goal is not to develop professional or international calibre athletes. Rather, the outcome is to enhance a student's confidence and self-esteem with individual soccer skills, and to link athletics to academics.

Students receive course credits as per their grade level.

The program is open to players of all ability levels, male or female; however, the main focus will be to attract keen students who wish to improve their individual & team skills and wish to maximise their own potential both on and off field.

Each student will be required to pay fees for the program to cover instructor's wages, field rental, and program equipment and supplies. 

Teacher: Mr. Ryan Harvey

Okanagan Mission Secondary

4544 Gordon Drive

Kelowna, BC  V1W 1T4