Speech and Language

Email Mrs. Kelly at Lincoln Avenue Elementary School, Pearl River Middle School, and Saint Margaret of Antioch School

Email Mrs. Hommel at Franklin Avenue Elementary School and Pearl River High School

Email Mrs. Moore at Evans Park Elementary School

Email Mrs. King at Evans Park Elementary School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Speech and Language at the Pearl River School District. We are thrilled to be working with your children to help them reach their goals! Below you will find our seasonal newsletter to keep you informed about our program. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

The Pearl River Speech Department

As Speech-Language Pathologists, we target a wide variety of skills. Within the school setting, we service students who demonstrate difficulty with matters of articulation, fluency, and language. Our goal as Speech-Language Pathologists is to provide students with effective techniques and strategies to improve target skills, achieve goals, and build confidence! We work with our students to independently navigate articulation, fluency, and language based tasks successfully within the academic environment.

Learn more about Speech and Language at ASHA.org