Our school psychologists provide a broad range of services, including assessment, consultation, and counseling. The psychologists are members of the Instructional Support Team for their buildings, and are mandated members of the Committee on Special Education as well as the 504 Committee. Our school psychologists work collaboratively to promote positive outcomes for the students in Pearl River.


Ellen McCabe

District Office (845) 735-7212

Franklin Avenue (845) 920-7405 ( Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Dr. Rebecca Massa

District Office (845) 735-0268

Lincoln Avenue (845) 620-3893 (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Krystina Kane

Evans Park (845) 620-3953

Miguel Arias

Evans Park, Franklin Avenue, Lincoln Avenue

Pearl River Middle School (845) 620-3893

James Calisi

Pearl River Middle School (845) 620-3887

Jamie Martens

Pearl River High School (845) 620-3810

Dr. Samantha Turco

Pearl River High School (845) 620-3817

Norma Canals (Social Worker)

Pearl River Middle School (Thursday) (845) 620-3893

Pearl River High School (Monday - Wednesday, Friday) (845) 620-3806

Natalie Cervantes-Libassi (Social Worker)

Evans Park Elementary (Tuesday)

Franklin Ave Elementary (Thursday & Friday)

Lincoln Elementary (Monday & Wednesday)