AIS with Mrs. Zielinski

Welcome to AIS!

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What is AIS?

AIS stands for Academic Intervention Services and is designed to assist students in achieving the learning standards in English Language Arts and Math. This is done by providing additional instruction, which supplements lessons taught by the regular classroom teacher. These additional education services include extra instructional time to help students achieve the learning standards in the subject areas requiring AIS. AIS is provided either by the classrooom teacher, in a small group, or by the AIS teachers, outside the classroom. AIS takes place during JET periods three times a week.

How does a student become eligible for AIS?

Students who score below the designated performance levels on State assessments grades 3-4

Students in grades 1-4 who are at-risk for not meeting state standards, based on the school district's determination.

Measures used to determine who receives AIS:

New York State Assessments

Teachers' College Reading Assessments

STAR Assessments

Teacher recommendation