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"The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts." -C.S. Lewis

­ I believe a good teacher, first, has a powerful faith in the future. Like the forester planting an oak seedling knowing he or she will never see the tree in all its glory, I know I may never see the fruits of my labors as teacher. My calling is to plant and nurture seeds that will grow and shape tomorrow. The good teacher knows and understands students, how they develop and learn. I know that students actively construct and transform their own knowledge based on past experiences and prior learning. I know that students do not all learn in the same way or at the same rate. I believe it is my responsibility as a teacher to be an effective diagnostician of students’ interests, abilities, and prior knowledge. I must then plan learning experiences that will both challenge and allow every student to think and grow. I believe a good teacher must also understand motivation and the effects of peer interactions on learning. I want all my students to achieve at high levels, so I avoid sorting them and setting them up to compete with each other. I know most learning happens through social interaction; therefore, I structure learning so that students productively collaborate and cooperate with each other the vast majority of class time.

Staying on top of grades is very important at the secondary level and going forward.

  • Honest & open Student-Parent-Teacher communication is the bedrock of a successful classroom experience. Without establishing and maintaining a sense of trust and respect among the three groups (students, parents & teacher), time together in the classroom may become challenging. It is imperative for the student to first communicate any concerns to the parent. It is also of great importance for the teacher to communicate any issues or concerns to the parent. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the parent to check in with the student regularly to seek information about what is going on in the classroom.
  • Phone calls and/or emails are a great way for quick communication between teachers and parents. I will call home in case of missing work, lapsing grades or behavioral issues or if a student has done something to make me proud. I believe it is necessary for good news to be relayed home, not just bad news. Likewise, I hope parents reach out to me if they have any questions regarding grades, behavioral concerns, or if they are simply curious about the curriculum.
  • Progress Reports are sent home by the High School on or around the halfway point of the quarter. They are not final grades but simply of a snapshot of how a student has been performing in class up to that point.
  • Parent Portal will be updated so students and parents alike can keep track of grades. There are no hidden grades. Each grade is based on a summation method. The student's grade is based on a simple mathematical equation. Take all the points a student earned on assessments during the quarter and add them up (Points Earned). Then take all the points a student could have earned during the quarter (Possible Points). Divide the Points Earned by Possible Points. Multiply that number by 100 and that is the grade for the quarter. Parent Portal does this automatically as each grade is published.