Class of 2018


Reminder: Student Accounts Deleted after Graduation

After you graduate your Pearl River Network account and your student Google Apps for Education account (includes docs, spreadsheets, presentations etc…) will be deleted! If you want to keep files that have been created and stored in Google Drive you must download those items to another drive (hard drive, flash drive) or ‘Share’ them to your personal Google Account.

Google Drive Sharing Instructions

Individual files or Folders can be shared by right-clicking on the File/Folder and selecting Share. Enter the address of your personal Google Account.

Next, log into your personal Google account. The files you just shared should appear under "Shared with Me". Select all the documents, right-click on them and choose to Make A Copy. This will copy the files permanently to your other Google account. Important you must create a copy of your documents in your personal account before your account is deleted.

Google Drive Downloading Instructions

Files can be downloaded to a computer, or flash drive. They can be stored locally (hard drive, flash drive) or to re-uploaded to a personal Google account. Individual files or Folders can be downloaded by right-clicking on the File/Folder and selecting download. If you are downloading a folder it will be downloaded in the zip format.

Caps and Gowns will be distributed on June 12 and 13 in the Main Office of the High School. If you have NOT yet ordered on-line, cap and gown will be available for $40 CASH ONLY on WEDNESDAY June 13 from 9:45 to 12:45. Tassels only are available for $15.

Order your PRHS Graduation Video - NOW! Return this form with payment to Video Magic at the address listed.

Paint the Wall rescheduled for Monday June 18.

April 2018

Dear Senior Parent/Guardian,

We have been planning an exciting night for the Senior Prom on Friday, May 18, 2018, at the Old Tappan Manor in Old Tappan, New Jersey. The following outlines important information regarding the prom week.

Tickets for the prom will be sold from Monday, April 30th through Thursday, May 3rd during 7th period lunch.

Tickets will be $20 per person, or $40 per couple. Cash or checks are acceptable. Checks should be made out to PRHS. Each ticket includes all entertainment, hors d’oeuvres, dinner, and the prom photography package.

Signed Permission Slips are due on the day that you purchase your prom ticket.

Senior “Paint the Wall” and Barbeque is Thursday, May 17th.

Enclosed you will find three (3) permission slips.

  1. Senior Prom Regulation Permission Slip/Agreement: (BLUE) Must be submitted and signed by each Senior attending the prom, their date/guest, and a parent/guardian of student and date/guest.
  2. Early Dismissal Slip for Senior: (GREEN) Must be submitted to attendance by Tuesday, May 15th by any SENIOR attending the prom who plans to leave school after Period 6. Students planning to attend the prom MUST be in attendance periods 1 through 6 (minimum).
  3. Early Dismissal Slip for Non-Senior: (YELLOW) Must be submitted to attendance by Tuesday, May 15th by any NON-SENIOR attending the prom who plans to leave school after Period 6. Students planning to attend the prom MUST be in attendance periods 1 through 6 (minimum).

In addition, students will pick their prom tables on the day that they buy their prom tickets and hand in their permission slips. Students MUST buy tickets, hand in permission slips and sign up for their tables with Mrs. McCaffrey all on the same day.

Thank you for your continued support in all of our activities! As always, if you have any questions, you can reach me at 845-620-3831 at the Science Office or Be sure to visit the Class of 2018 Web page for updates, which you can easily access trough the high school website.


Eileen McCaffrey

Class of 2018 Advisor

Permission Slip and Contract.pdf



Search the on the JOSTENS site, from the above link to just order the PRHS CAP AND GOWN. (Other packages are optional). Jostens did not update their site to offer color choice. Default color for Males is Blue; Females is White. If you would like to wear the opposite color, please let Mrs. McCaffrey know.

Or see Mrs. McCaffrey with any questions.

Seniors if you have not turned in the blue diploma information card that was mailed to your home—please do so NOW. See Mrs. Guerra in the main office if you need another card. Thank you.

Juniors and Seniors: The New York State Grand Lodge is hosting a Student Summit for NYS residents to explore their Italian Heritage at the Radisson Hotel in Albany from April 6-8. High school juniors and seniors are encouraged to attend this opportunity to interact with their peers from the various areas of our great state, learn about their rich Italian culture and heritage (including language and food), tour the state capital, meet with state government officials, and, of course, have some fun. There is a $150 registration fee for each attendee which covers the hotel, meals, tours, seminars, and summit materials. Travel expenses and incidentals are the responsibility of the student and/or the sponsoring lodge. For more information or to register, contact Pres. Mario at (914) 325-1239 or

Attention Juniors and Seniors: St. Thomas Aquinas College is heading into its third year of the SUEZ Leadership Institute for Environmental Studies. The 2018 camp will be Sunday, July 22nd to Friday, July 27th. The Institute is a six-day residential program providing an in-depth perspective on sustainability in today’s environment, covering topics such as Water, Energy, Climate Change, Sustainability, and The Environment. The cost is $275 for a weekly program that includes room and board. Please see flyer for more information.

Disney Trip:


Class Advisor: Mrs. Eileen McCaffrey