Mrs. Abbitt's Math Classes


Supply List:

Algebra 1 Honors, Math 8CP, Math 8, 7 Accelerated

*Spiral notebook 8H & 7A - 3 subject spiral with pockets will work best (labeled - class notes, group work, warm-ups)

*Spiral Notebook 8CP & Math 8 - 2 sections 1st section notes & 2nd section warm-ups - Notebooks will be kept in class

*Homework folder (Brad notebook with pockets and put about 25 sheets college notebook paper inside brads)

*Pencils and sharpener with lid

*Large Eraser

*Post-it-notes (You will use these a lot in class, all sizes: Putting over a homework problem that is wrong and correcting it, class notes etc....

*Red/Green pen for corrections

*Dry erase markers and an old sock for white board work.

*Graph & College ruled notebook paper - You will be needing both all year

*Calculator - with square root key (phones will not be allowed in class at any time)

*Highlighters/Colored pencils: Used for class notes, study guides, homework

*Kleenex ( I try to keep at least 3 boxes out at all times)

Class Guidelines:

1.) You must bring your spiral, homework folder and supplies each day (Math 8 & Math 8cp spirals will stay in class)

2.) Class work (notes and practice problems will be taken each class period and kept in a spiral

3.) Homework will be checked each day in your homework folder and turned in on test day. Each problem is to be attempted and odd should be corrected from the answers in back of book. If you do not understand the homework, leave space for the problem and see me before your next class.

4.) Homework: In pencil, work down the page and two columns at most. All assignments must be corrected, odd in back of book and even given in class. If you miss a problem put a post-it note over the top and ask in class and I will work it out with you. Put assignment number in top Right corner of notebook paper in homework folder. **All homework must be corrected and at the top of your paper put the amount correct over total problems.

5.) On the day of the test, you will first take the test and then take a homework quiz.

6.) Test and homework must be done in pencil, and all work must be shown to receive credit.