Welcome to the Vandegrift PSAT Team site. Participation in the PSAT Team is limited to the top 100 students scoring on their sophomore PSAT exam. The purpose of the PSAT Team is to sharpen and fine tune skills through daily coaching sessions to optimize student performance on the exam October 30th. This is a short 9-week investment that could make the difference by opening doors to college admissions offers, academic scholarships and corporate scholarships. The success of the PSAT Team relies on commitment to the program.


What are the requirements for participation?

  1. Log on to the VHS Webstore to pay the PSAT TEAM dues of $30 which cover the Official SAT Study Guide and the Official VHS PSAT Team shirt.
    1. March 4th you will receive an invitation to the Google Classroom where our PSAT TEAM information will be housed, reminders and updates will all go through the classroom.
  2. Attend a 2 day bootcamp on either Session 1: June 12-13 or Session 2: August 1-2 from 9:00am to 1:00pm during the summer.
  3. Attend the PSAT Team PIT class Tu, Wed, Th in the fall through October 24th.
  4. Participate in a minimum of 3 practice exams on Saturdays leading up to the exam. Practice exams are offered every Saturday in the fall.