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Amber Foulk, Media Specialist

EMAIL: amber.foulk@leanderisd.org

PHONE: 512-570-3234

Hello, and welcome to your library! I've been a teacher at LMS since 2004, and I'm so excited to experience life in the library this year. My passions include connecting kids with books they'll love and supporting teachers to design authentic, engaging lessons and projects. I'm fortunate to teach EACH & EVERY LMS Tiger. Please reach out if you have questions. Let's make this a great year!

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Do you need technology this summer?

The payment window is now open for families to secure their students’ district-provided laptops. If current students pay they will be able to keep their laptops over the summer for no additional charge. Current 5th graders may also pay in advance to prepare for the deployment of their Chromebook, which will occur at the beginning of the next school year. 

Current 8th grade students who pay the 2024-2025 mLISD non-refundable security deposit will receive new laptops in May or August (contingent upon the delivery date). 

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